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Major Massachusetts Projects

We are continuously working to improve the reliability and resiliency of our system.

Focuses include maintenance activities, station enhancements, transmission and distribution line upgrades and more.

Below are the major projects being worked on in Massachusetts:

Massachusetts Transmission Projects



Cape Cod

  • Cape Cod Solution - A co-optimized, multi-phase transmission program to efficiently and cost-effectively improve electric reliability on Cape Cod and allow for the integration of offshore wind energy.

Martha's Vineyard

  • Martha's Vineyard Reliability and 91 Cable Replacement Projects - New lines will interconnect to existing substations in the area and will bolster system capacity and reliability on Martha's Vineyard to meet growing energy needs. These projects will also help facilitate our efforts to decrease our carbon footprint by decommissioning the five existing diesel generators on the Island.

Metro Boston

South of Boston

West of Boston

  • 350 Irving Street Framingham Remediation Project - Cleaning byproducts left behind by a former Manufactured Gas Plant to protect our environment and remove potential exposure pathways.
  • Hopkinton to Milford - A proposed replacement of existing HPGF Lines with newer technology - crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) transmission lines. 
  • Sudbury to Hudson Project - A new transmission line between Sudbury and Hudson, Mass., improving Greater Boston's electric system reliability.

Underground Cable Modernization

  • Underground Cable Modernization - Modernizing and increasing the capacity of the existing underground transmission cable systems by replacing existing fluid-filled cable with cross-linked polyethylene cable. Lines are West Springfield to Springfield and Acushnet to New Bedford.


  • Geothermal Pilot Project - A Framingham neighborhood will be the site of a first-of-its-kind, innovative networked heating and cooling system using renewable power from the earth.

Natural Gas Projects


Connecticut, New Hampshire Projects

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