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350 Irving Street Framingham Remediation Project

MEPA Filing Updates

EEA 16576 350 Irving Street Remediation, Framingham

On behalf of NSTAR Electric Company d/b/a Eversource Energy, Epsilon Associates, Inc. is pleased to submit the enclosed Draft Environmental Impact Report (“DEIR”) for the proposed #350 Irving Street Remediation Project in Framingham, MA (the “Project”). The Project proposes to remediate contaminated soil, sediment, and groundwater associated with the operation of a former Manufactured Gas Plant (“MGP”) facility.

The project site is located within an Environmental Justice population. The project meets the threshold for filing an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) at 301 CMR 11.03(3)(a)(1), alteration of one or more acres of BVW. The project requires a 401 Water Quality Certificate and potentially a Chapter 91 dredge permit from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and an 8(M) Permit from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA).

The enclosed DEIR builds upon the Environmental Notification Form (“ENF”) that was filed with MEPA in June of last year and provides additional details on the measures that Eversource will undertake to remediate the identified contaminants in accordance with the provisions of the Massachusetts Contingency Plan regulations (310 CMR 40.0000) and other applicable regulations.

The DEIR was noticed in the Environmental Monitor on the MEPA Website on March 8, 2023 and that comments will be due by April 7, 2023.

If you would like a paper copy of the document, please email

Submitting MEPA comments

Comments are due by April 7, 2023, and can be submitted through three channels:

Contact Information

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Why Are We Doing This Project?

The property at 350 Irving Street in Framingham, Massachusetts, was occupied by a former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) that operated from 1889 until 1967, producing gas from coal and oil for distribution to homes and businesses in Framingham and surrounding towns.

Portions of the property were impacted by these historical activities, and this project will help clean up those byproducts left behind.

Following implementation, the proposed remediation project will result in substantial environmental benefits and will also make a meaningful and lasting difference to the adjacent property owners and the community in general.

Where Is This Work Being Done?

What Work Is Being Done?

Future remediation will include containment and removal of soil and groundwater contaminants as well as removal of stream sediment within Beaver Brook. A comprehensive Wetland Restoration and Buffer Zone Enhancement Plan will be put into place, and upgrades to the existing stormwater management system will bring these systems up to current MassDEP standards. 

When Is The Work Being Done?

  • Public/Virtual Open Houses: Ongoing, Started Summer 2022
  • Information Booths: Ongoing, Started Summer 2022
  • Start of Remediation Activities: Fall 2023
  • Estimated Cleanup Completion Date: Fall 2025

*Dates subject to change                                               

Community Outreach

We're committed to partnering with all community members, municipal leaders, and other interested stakeholders to provide more information on the projects, gather feedback and answer any questions or concerns.

We have hosted an interactive information table at several community events with plans to attend more:

  • August 2022, Night Out Against Crime- Pelham Lifelong Learning Center
  • September 22, 2022 - Framingham Farmer’s Market Event
  • November 5th, 2022- Framingham Rotary's Annual Pancake Breakfast
  • February 8, 2023 - Coffee Hour at Pelham Lifelong Learning Center
  • February 15, 2023 - Dinner Discussion at Pelham Lifelong Learning Center
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Have Questions?

Keeping the lines of communication open is an important part of our work in your community.

For more information about this project, please call the project information hotline at 1-833-836-0302 or email