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Major Projects

Constructing major projects that maintain and upgrade the system is key to efficiently and reliably delivering energy to our customers.

Transmission lines bring reliable electricity to millions of people and are critical to delivering clean energy. Our contract crews are flown by helicopter to conduct transmission work, allowing for minimal impact to wildlife whilst increasing reliability.

We are working on transmission projects that are designed to:

  • Improve the reliability of the electric grid
  • Meet customer demand for power where and when it's needed
  • Strengthen the grid's resilience against extreme weather and other safety and security threats
  • Increase access to clean power generation from renewable sources such as solar and offshore wind

We are committed to collaborating closely with neighbors, local businesses, elected officials and other community members.

Anyone with questions or concerns about an Eversource transmission project can reach out to us using the contact information on the project’s website.

See the major projects in your state

To ensure close collaboration with our stakeholders, we share information on upcoming projects with ISO New England's Planning Advisory Committee, which is an open forum for stakeholder feedback. Most of our projects are listed on ISO New England's Regional System Plan and Asset Condition project lists. Other projects are listed on our Local System Plan (pdf presentation, excel listing), which is updated annually.

More Reliability Efforts

Our teams are working harder than ever to make our electric system smarter and more resilient with fewer outages—all while allowing seamless connection to clean energy sources.

Learn about our key reliability efforts