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Major Connecticut Projects


We are continuously working to improve the reliability and resiliency of our system.

Focuses include maintenance activities, station enhancements, transmission and distribution line upgrades and more.

Below are the major projects being worked on in Connecticut:

  • Christian Street to Stevenson Rebuild Project - Replacing existing 115 kV transmission lines between the Christian Street junction in Oxford to the Stevenson Substation in Monroe.
  • Eastern Connecticut Reliability Projects -  A recently completed group of projects that included upgrades at five substations, converting lower voltage transmission lines to a higher voltage, installing new communication wire and replacing existing transmission towers with stronger structures. We also installed the first clean-air circuit breaker.
  • Norwalk Bridge Transmission Relocation - The relocation of two transmission lines as part of a CDOT rebuild.
  • Pootatuck to West Devon Rebuild Project - Rebuilding existing 115 kV transmission lines between Pootatuck Substation in Shelton and West Devon Junction in Stratford
  • Stevenson to Pootatuck Rebuild Project - Rebuilding existing 115 kV transmission lines between Stevenson Substation in Monroe and Pootatuck Substation in Shelton
  • Underground Cable Modernization - Modernizing and increasing the capacity of the existing underground transmission cable systems in Hartford by replacing existing fluid-filled cable with cross-linked polyethylene cable.

Massachusetts, New Hampshire Projects

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