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Cape Cod Solution

The Cape Cod Solution is a co-optimized, multi-phase transmission program to efficiently and cost-effectively improve electric reliability on Cape Cod and allow for the integration of offshore wind energy.

This program involves an interconnection to our transmission system. For more information and for assistance in determining if a transmission interconnection is right for your business, visit Transmission Interconnections Services.

The Benefits

  • New England residents and beyond benefit from additional renewable resources being connected to the grid, which contributes to the fight against climate change and provides more energy supply to help meet a growing demand.
  • Massachusetts residents on Cape Cod will receive a stronger, more resilient grid, an important benefit given the Cape’s challenging  weather and increasingly severe storms stemming from climate change that are a major driver of power outages. Cape Cod communities are leading the way in facilitating the delivery of clean energy to homes and businesses across New England by supporting the infrastructure work that is needed to connect offshore wind projects to the grid.

In May 2023 we hosted state and local officials and community partners to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Cape Cod Solution.

The Projects

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