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Hyde Park to Dorchester Supply Initiative

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Why Are We Doing This Project?

There is an imminent need for electrical infrastructure in Boston to enable clean energy delivery and meet electrification goals.

This project is intentionally designed to:

  • Engage the Greater Boston community through robust and meaningful conversations to help guide decision-making for a necessary additional substation with enhanced transmission capacity.
  • Ensure that we can meet the city’s rising energy demands as it moves to electrify and decarbonize, and to create a more resilient, efficient and sustainable energy future for our customers in an equitable way.

You can learn more about some terms you might hear with our electrical terminology.

Power Grid 101: How Eversource’s Electric Transmission System Delivers Energy to Your Home

Where Is This Work Being Done?

The neighborhoods of Dorchester, Roslindale, Mattapan and Hyde Park are among the first Boston neighborhoods planned to receive these critical system upgrades.

The substations that service these neighborhoods have reached their electrical capacity. To keep pace with electrical demand in this area new infrastructure will be required. 


  • December 2023 – Confirmation of the Battery Energy Storage System location.
  • Summer 2024 – Decision on site location for the new substation.
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Community Engagement

We're committed to engaging residents, community groups, businesses, city officials and other stakeholders to review the electrical needs for these neighborhoods, discuss a future Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), and to select one of two possible locations for the necessary future substation. 

In February, we hosted seven virtual information sessions in multiple languages through community stakeholders including "Java with Jimmy", "El Cafe de la Manana", Radio Da Comunidade Caboverdiana, Radio Planet Campas, Radio Concorde, Radio Télé Boston and Radio TNT

A community meeting.

Community Advisory Groups

We have established key advisory groups to engage the communities we serve. These groups will be invited to learn about the electrical grid and Boston's energy needs, review essential infrastructure upgrades, and give recommendations regarding site selection, a community benefits package and project roll-out.


We have established multicultural and multilingual community advisory groups with the goals of

  • Community awareness: To keep residents informed about the upcoming infrastructure upgrades that will affect your community.
  • Inclusive participation: To hear from residents, business owners and community leaders because your voice matters in shaping the future of our shared infrastructure.
  • Transparency and collaboration: To maintain an open dialogue throughout the upgrade process, ensuring that community needs and concerns are addressed.

    Roundtable Recap

    We are leading a transformative journey towards a clean, efficient, and resilient energy future in Massachusetts. Discover the key initiatives from our recent Community Advisory Group meetings:

    Community-Centric Collaboration

    The Eversource Energy Community Advisory Groups are multicultural, multilingual Boston residents, who are engaged in their community, are members of neighborhood civic associations, and are invested in a clean energy future.

    Here's a glimpse into the discussions that are steering our journey forward:

    Enabling clean energy

    Our conversations illuminate a deeper understanding and utilization of clean energy. We are committed to help Massachusetts and Boston achieve their ambitious clean energy and carbon reduction goals by adding new and upgraded electrical infrastructure that will be required to rise to the challenge.

    Community-first planning

    We discuss the tangible benefits of upgrading Boston’s electric grid. We plan for individual neighborhoods and are working with communities to meet the city’s rising energy demands as it moves to electrify and decarbonize, and to create a more resilient, efficient, and sustainable energy future for our customers in an equitable way.

    Inclusive decision-making

    A core theme from our meetings is the importance of engagement and inclusivity in decision-making. We are collaborating with the community by proactively soliciting input to achieve mutually positive outcomes.

    Ideas for a thriving community

    Our meetings covered an array of ideas for community benefits and a recognition that benefits need to be tailored to the individual neighborhoods. We will be working in partnership with residents on delivering benefits based on community needs.

    These ideas are not just thoughts; they're the seeds of action, reflecting a community's aspirations. Join us as we chart a course towards a future that embraces clean energy, prioritizes community benefits, and fosters an inclusive, engaged, and enlightened community.

    Meeting Materials

    If you aren’t directly participating in a community advisory group, you can still review all the materials.  

    Have Questions?

    Keeping the lines of communication open is an important part of our work in your community.

    For more information about this project, please call the project information hotline at 1-833-836-0302 or email