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Woburn to Wakefield Line Project

Why Are We Doing This Project? 

This project improves reliability and addresses the growing need for electricity in the area. We completed construction of our portion of the project in March 2024, and the new transmission line was energized and put into service on March 25, 2024. Restoration along the project route is underway and will be completed in 2024. 

Where Is This Work Being Done?

The new 345-kilovolt (kV) underground transmission line connects our Woburn substation and National Grid’s Wakefield Junction substation.

The line extends approximately 8.5 miles between two existing substations, passing through Woburn, Winchester, Stoneham and Wakefield.

We have constructed the new line from the Woburn Substation through Woburn, Winchester and Stoneham to the Wakefield border. For more information specific to the Town of Wakefield, please visit the Greater Boston and New Hampshire Solution.

Map showing the route of the new Woburn to Wakefield transmission line.

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About This Project

  • Route length: Approximately 8.5 miles
  • Line voltage: 345,000 volt (345-kilovolt [kV]) underground transmission line)
  • Siting review by: EFSB

    About this project

    • Route length: Approximately 8.5 miles
    • Line voltage: 345,000 volt (345-kilovolt [kV]) underground transmission line)
    • Siting review by: EFSB

    Construction Updates

    See construction updates.

    Siting Review

    The Massachusetts ESFB Petition Filing is part of the regulatory review process, as defined by Massachusetts state statutes.

    On February 28, 2018, we received approval from the EFSB to construct the project. See the EFSB 15-04 Final Decision.

    Community Outreach

    Before starting construction in a community, we mail start of construction letters to property owners along the route. In addition, door-to door outreach is done in advance of each major construction phase to keep property owners informed.

    Have Questions?

    Keeping the lines of communication open is an important part of our work in your community.

    For more information about this project, please call the project information hotline at 1-833-836-0302 or email