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During a Storm

Downed Power Lines

  • Assume all downed wires are live and stay away. Keep your distance from trees that might have wires caught in them.
  • If you see downed wires notify local emergency personnel by calling 911 or call us.
  • If you’re in a vehicle and downed wires are on the car or across the road, stay in your car until emergency crews arrive to handle the energized wires. 
  • Don't drive over downed lines.
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Generator Safety

  • Never install a generator inside a home or in any other enclosed space. 
  • Generator exhaust contains carbon monoxide, a poison you cannot see or smell. Using a generator indoors can kill you within minutes.
  • Locate a generator well away from your home, making sure exhaust cannot easily enter in through windows or doorways.
  • Never try to power your house by plugging a portable generator into a household outlet. This can feed electricity back into the power lines — enough to electrocute a line worker or a neighbor on the same circuit.
  • The safe way to connect a generator to your existing wiring is to have a licensed electrical contractor install a transfer switch. When improperly installed, home generators of any size — even small ones — can back feed enough power onto the electrical grid to cause dangerous conditions for utility workers attempting to restore power.
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Natural Gas Safety

Emergency Shelter

Call your local fire department, police department or local Red Cross chapter to locate an emergency shelter if you or your family need heat, air conditioning, power or a more comfortable place to wait out a power outage, particularly in extreme weather.