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Webster Substation to Laconia Substation (J125 Line) Structure Replacement Project

Why Are We Doing This Project?

Recent inspections and engineering analysis of the J125 transmission line revealed that many of the structures are in poor condition due to their age, woodpecker damage, insect damage and pole rot.

A total of 137 laminate wood monopole structures are being replaced with weathered steel monopole structures one for one. Weathered steel structures are more resilient to woodpecker damage, water damage, and pests. Additionally, these new steel structures are more resilient to hazardous weather.

These improvements are part of our ongoing investments to deliver reliable energy to our customers and communities.

Where Is The Work Being Done?

This work is taking place within our existing right-of-way (power line corridor). The J125 Line is a 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line that is 13.5 miles long. This line starts at the Webster Substation in Franklin and terminates at the Laconia Substation in Laconia.

Project plans

This map set is currently in draft form and is subject to change due to permitting, constructability and other considerations.

This transmission line crosses the following roads in Franklin, Tilton, Belmont and Laconia:

  • Franklin: Carr Street, Range Road, Lawson Avenue, Lawndale Avenue, Daniel Webster Drive, Hillside Circle, Nelson Street, N. Main Street (Route 11), Victory Drive (Route 127), Freedom Drive, Babbit Road, Calef Hill Road
  • Tilton: Pesthouse Road, Calef Hill Road, School Street, Interstate 93, Sanborn Road, Business Park Drive, Laconia Road, Wolf Road, Dublin Drive, Silver Lake Road  
  • Belmont: Grey Rock Road, Berkshire Drive, Eagle Drive, Windsor Way, Sparrow Drive, Dove Terrace, Jefferson Road, Fox Hill Road, Union Road, Mile Hill Road, Bishop Road 
  • Laconia: Apple Ridge Road, Belmont Road, Laconia – Gilford Bypass (Route 3), Province Road, Hounsell Avenue

When Is The Work Being Done?

  • Local permitting: first and second quarter 2024
  • State permitting: first through fourth quarter 2024
  • Federal permitting: fourth quarter 2024
  • Construction start date: fourth quarter 2024
  • Projected in-service date: third quarter 2025 (anticipated)
  • Restoration completion: fourth quarter 2025 (anticipated)

Construction Updates

See our construction fact sheet for more information about activities occurring in your neighborhood.

Community Outreach

Eversource is committed to engaging municipal officials, residents, businesses, community groups and other stakeholders about upcoming project activities through municipal briefings, mailings, site meetings, virtual meetings, and door-to-door outreach.

We utilize a variety of outreach methods to ensure that all customers and property owners along our transmission lines receive adequate and timely information about our projects. For this Project, we will be sending periodic updates as letters mailed directly to all stakeholders, as well as a combination of the following additional methods:

  • Door-to-door outreach
  • Site visits (upon request)
  • Virtual meetings (upon request)
  • Signage placed strategically near construction areas or in residential areas
  • Regular field presence to ensure the safety of our customers, nearby property owners, and our construction crews
  • Read the Project Introduction Letter

Commitment to Safety

We take every safety precaution while working in local communities, and all people working on the construction project carry identification. The project work will not interrupt electric service to homes or businesses.

Have Questions?

Keeping the lines of communication open is an important part of our work in your community.

For questions or more information about the project, please contact us at 888-926-5334 or