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Ariba Sourcing

We use Ariba Sourcing for strategic sourcing, contracting and to generate vendor scorecards in the Supplier Relationship Management process.

Registering as a Supplier

To register as a new supplier with Eversource, go to and select "Register Now."

Review: How to Register for Ariba Sourcing (PDF)

Participating in an RFI/RFP

To participate in an RFI/RFP, you must be a registered and approved supplier in Ariba Sourcing.

Watch: How to Participate in an RFI/RFP in Ariba

Help with Ariba Sourcing

For help registering or for any other technical support, use the Help button at the top right of the Ariba home screen to schedule a call with Ariba.

For questions about specific sourcing events or contracts, contact your procurement agent. Contact information is available within the sourcing event.