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Ariba Network

We use Ariba Network to transact electronically with vendors by sending purchase orders and receiving invoices.

Registering as a Supplier

If you're a new supplier, we will collect your information during onboarding in our new vendor form.

If you're an existing supplier, contact your Eversource Procurement Agent to become enabled.

Setting Up Your Account

Once you're registered on Ariba Network, you'll need to set up your account.

Review: Ariba Network Configuration Guide (PDF)

Submitting an Invoice

All suppliers enabled on Ariba Network must submit electronic invoices through this system.

Review: How to Submit an Invoice Through Ariba Network (PDF)

Viewing and Managing Purchase Orders

Once registered, you'll use Ariba Network to view and manage your Eversource purchase orders.

Review: How to Manage Purchase Orders in Ariba Network (PDF)

Ariba Standard/Light vs. Ariba Enterprise account

  • Ariba Standard/Light is a free version of Ariba that allows you to receive POs in an interactive email.
  • Ariba Enterprise is a paid version of Ariba that includes functionality to have one portal contain all POs and invoices.

Review: Comparing Ariba Standard/Light vs. Ariba Enterprise (PDF)

Watch: Ariba Standard/Light Account Supplier Summit

Help with Ariba Network

  • If you have general questions about using Ariba Network, use the Help button at the top right of the Ariba home screen to schedule a call with Ariba.
  • For questions about a specific PO, contact your procurement agent.
  • For questions about an invoice status, email or call 860-665-4592.