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Interconnection Resources

Learn how to work with Eversource in Massachusetts to safely interconnect DG systems.

All files are PDF format.

Joint Electric Distribution Company Covid 19 Statement: Explains business continuity plans during the COVID-19 crisis.

Eversource Covid 19 Force Majeure Notification: Official force majeure notification covering standards for interconnection of distributed generation.

Eversource Covid 19 Force Majeure Termination Notice: This document announces that the declared Force Majeure event will end on Thursday, May 11, 2023.

Interconnection Tariff: Describes the process and requirements for an interconnecting customer to connect a power-generating facility to the Eversource grid.

Distributed Generation (DG) Seminar: Dates for Eastern and Western Massachusetts seminars for simplified and expedited/standard applications.

Simplified Interconnection Seminar: This presentation explains the process for submitting the Simplified application to interconnect.

Expedited/Standard Interconnection Seminar: This presentation explains the process for submitting the Expedited/Standard application to interconnect.

Inverter/Design Changes and Customer Required Action: Describes the customer-required follow ups for design changes based on the study phase the project is currently in.

ISO-NE Inverter Source Requirement Document: Applies to inverters associated with specific types of generation for projects that have applied for interconnection after specific dates.

Presentation to ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee: This presentation provides an update on standards impacting interconnection of distributed energy resources (DER).

Meter Policy - Solar Installations: Review this policy to ensure a seamless process for receiving permission to operate (PTO).

Application Checklist: Offers a list of Interconnection application required information.

Technical Requirements: Standards and policies associated with the interconnection of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) for customers, distributed energy resource owners, architects, engineers, contractors, operators and developers.

Net Metering Tariff: Tariff provisions applicable to Host Customers that requests net metering services from the Distribution Company, with the exception of a Host Customer that is an electric company, generation company, aggregator, supplier, energy marketer or energy broker.

Customers who participate in the ISO-administered markets should visit the Generator, ARD and ATRR Asset Registration website to register their assets with ISO New England for settlement and other market-related purposes.