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Massachusetts Application to Interconnect

The safe interconnection of a DG system to the Eversource power grid is our primary concern for you and your customers.

Interconnection Application Options

Distributed generation (DG) refers to systems that generate electricity at or near where it will be used. This includes solar panels (photovoltaic arrays), wind turbines, cogeneration units or micro turbines to name a few.

There are two applications for interconnection. The one you use is determined by the size of the system you are connecting.

Review size requirements for Simplified or Expedited/Standard applications.

We also encourage you to read the Massachusetts Interconnection Tariff before submitting either application, and to review the new Inverter Requirements for applications starting October 1, 2023.


You will use our PowerClerk portal to submit and track your applications. This online tool brings you:

  • The ability to easily upload and review documents associated with your projects
  • Automatic communications to help you keep track of your projects
  • A mobile-friendly user interface that can be used on most devices including your laptop or tablet

image of laptop and mobile devices showing PowerClerk

You will need an user ID to use PowerClerk. If you don't have an ID, you'll be prompted to sign up.

If you already have a DG contractor account to use PowerClerk in Connecticut, you can access MA PowerClerk with the same login – no need to create another user ID.

Simplified Application

Select the Simplified application when applying for DG interconnection for the following:

Simplified Non-Area Network (fed from a radial circuit)

  • A single-phase UL-Listed inverter-based system that is 15 kW AC or less
  • A three-phase UL-Listed inverter-based system that is 25 kW AC or less
  • Application fee: $0

Simplified Area Network

  • A UL-Listed inverter-based system less than 1/15th of the customer’s minimum load and fed from a spot network
  • A UL-Listed inverter-based system that is 15 kW AC or less and less than 1/15th of the customer’s minimum load and fed from an area network
  • Application fee:
    • Less than 3kW = $100
    • Greater than 3kW = $300
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Expedited/Standard Application

Choose this application if you intend to install a:

  • System that is greater than 15 kW AC single phase or greater than 25 kW AC three phase
  • System configuration that does not correspond with the service configuration (such as using single phase inverters on a three-phase service)
  • Non-inverter-based generator, co-generator, wind, hydro or other facility
  • System on a radial distribution circuit

In addition, your proposed generation equipment must meet IEEE 1547.1 standards.

Expedited/Standard application fee = $4.50 per kW (minimum fee of $300; maximum of $7,500)


You no longer need to submit a separate pre-application as it's now part of PowerClerk. You will be prompted to submit a pre-app if you are installing a generation facility of 250 kW AC or greater. View our hosting capacity map.

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Important Documents

View all interconnection resources for more guidelines on how to safely interconnect your customer's DG system to the Eversource grid.