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Massachusetts Hosting Capacity Map

View hosting capacity by circuit to help select locations for interconnections to Eversource in Massachusetts.

How it Works

If you are a distributed generation contractor or vendor, you can find optimal locations for interconnections to our system using our Hosting Capacity Map. This map details the hosting capacity by circuit.

Each circuit on our system is displayed with a color matching its remaining capacity. Clicking on a circuit will also bring up more detail about the circuit, its remaining capacity and related substation.

This information shows the capacity Eversource’s infrastructure can accommodate, with limited system upgrades, while still reliably and safely delivering electricity to our customers.

Capacity on the circuits and at substations can be increased through project funded upgrades. Small, limited size projects may still be supported without project funded upgrades.

Interconnection Analysis Portal for Developers

If you are looking for your next commercial or ground-mount solar project, you can use this software to:

  • Understand interconnection costs within our service territory
  • Find suitable land for solar development
  • View Hosting Capacity Maps
Start using the Interconnection Analysis Portal today