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Connecticut Renewable Energy Solutions Interconnections

Information for installers interconnecting residential and non-residential projects in Connecticut for Renewable Energy Solutions.

What is Renewable Energy Solutions?

Renewable Energy Solutions is a Connecticut incentive program for solar and other renewable energy launched in 2022. Through this program, customers can sell power generated and any renewable energy certificates (RECs) to Eversource.

Note: If a customer applied to install solar before January 1, 2022, they are participating in the Net Metering Program.

Residential Interconnections

System installers or their authorized agents are responsible for applying to the program on behalf of system owners and customers of record.

This application process is a part of the interconnection process, but additional information is required. We review the program and interconnection applications at the same time. After reviewing the program guidelines and completing the required forms, you may apply for interconnection.

Program Information

Through Residential Renewable Energy Solutions, Connecticut customers can offset the cost of the electricity with energy generated with solar or other renewable energy technologies.

Learn about Residential Renewable Energy Solutions

Additional program information for installers

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Note: solar PV projects can also interconnect under Rate 980 as an alternative to RRES, however this is not typically preferred by residential customers. For more information, see our Rate 980 FAQ.

Technical Guidelines

Specific technical guidelines must be met to participate in Renewable Energy Solutions.


When applying for the program, you must submit specific forms based on the customer's selections.

Select a Payment Beneficiary

For the Buy-All Incentive, the customer of record may designate a payment beneficiary to receive a percentage of the total tariff compensation. This beneficiary cannot be the customer of record. If no beneficiary is designated, the customer of record will receive all incentives as monetary on-bill credits.

For the Netting Incentive, the customer of record may designate a beneficiary to receive the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) incentive payment paid out once every quarter. This beneficiary can be the customer of record.

Identify the System Owner

Application and Meter Fees

Application fees

Distributed Generation Application Fee$200
Renewable Energy Solutions Application Fee$129

Meter fees

Voltage/Meter TypeMain ServiceMeter FormCost
120/240v Single PhaseUnder 400AForm 2S Bridge$230
120/208v Single Phase (Network)Under 400AForm 12S Bridge$282

Program Rider

Environmental Justice Guidance

The RRES program offers additional incentives (“adders”) for customers who meet income eligibility criteria or live in an economically distressed municipality. For basic information on adders and their eligibility criteria, see the customer-focused RRES webpage

The Federal government offers additional tax credits for projects in qualifying areas through the Low-Income Communities Bonus Credit Program and the Energy Community Tax Credit Bonus. Federal incentives are in addition to RRES incentives and adders, allowing customers to maximize their incentive benefits.  The below map displays the geographic overlap between Connecticut’s Distressed Municipality list and census tracts that may be eligible for the additional Federal tax incentives. The census tract codes displayed below can also be downloaded as a PDF.

The Connecticut environmental justice mapping tool may also be useful to stakeholders interested in environmental justice. The tool is an interactive resource that allows users to explore environmental health and socioeconomic conditions by region. Links to the tool and instructive user guides may be viewed here.

Average costs, timelines and historical rates from approved applications are available to help you understand program averages.

Non-Residential Interconnections

Resources for contractors interconnecting systems for non-residential customers.

Program information

Through Non-Residential Renewable Energy Solutions, Connecticut customers can offset the cost of the electricity with energy generated with renewable energy technologies.

Learn about Non-Residential Renewable Energy Solutions

Additional program information for installers

Interconnection Application

Ready to interconnect? You can apply online through PowerClerk. You'll be able to initiate new interconnection projects and track them through their full lifecycle.

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