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Electric Mutual Aid Safety Onboarding

Electric mutual aid contractors and/or outside utilities will find work rules, training materials and applicable documents here to help you complete your job safely.


  • Each non-Eversource crew member (contractor and outside utility) is required to be on-boarded prior to the start of restoration work.
  • The General Foreman or Foreman/Lead assigned to crews for the contractor and/or outside utility will be responsible for taking applicable safety onboarding and disseminating the information to their assigned crews.
  • Existing contractor crew leads already on Eversource property prior to a storm event (for example, Contractors of Choice (COC)), require a formal on-boarding that is valid for one (1) year.
  • COC’s are considered to be contractors that support blue-sky, day-to-day work, with Eversource. If contractors are brought in from outside CT/MA/NH and are under a COC name, they will still be required to onboard and be considered a non-COC.
  • Formal on-boarding for a non-COC, as well as Foremen/Leads from a COC company but traveling from an area outside our service territory (CT/MA/NH), are valid for six (6) months.
  • Aggregator companies (i.e. Parent companies that hire sub-subcontractors to work under the Parent Name), shall ensure that the Foreman/Leads from the hired companies complete the onboarding and acknowledgement form. Eversource requires that the name on a company truck matches with the name given on the acknowledgement form.
  • Safety questions or concerns can be sent directly to

Onboarding Videos

An overview of the Eversource External Mutual Aid Safety Onboarding Guide is covered in the following Youtube videos. Your role during the mutual aid support will determine which video you must view. Please watch your applicable video below and also review the Eversource External Mutual Aid Safety Onboarding Guide found in applicable documents.

Eversource Primary Crews (600 Volts and Above) Safety Onboarding

Only contractors/outside utilities performing primary work (600 volts and above) are required to watch this video.

Eversource Secondary Crews (Below 600 Volts) Safety Onboarding

Only contractors/outside utilities performing secondary service work (below 600 volts/ house-side) are required to watch this video.

If the secondary crew does conduct work on the pole-side of the service, they are required to watch the Primary Crew Safety Onboarding Video. 

Eversource Vegetation Management Safety Onboarding

Personnel performing Vegetation Management work are required to watch this video.

Eversource Wire Guard Safety Onboarding

Personnel performing Wire Guard duties are required to watch this video.

Contractor/Outside Utility Acknowledgement of Safety On-Boarding Form

When you have completed the applicable onboarding videos and document review, you are required to complete the following acknowledgement form.

This verifies your understanding of Eversource safety rules and the expectation that this information shall be disseminated to the crews you are responsible for consistent with OSHA 1910.269.

Complete Verification

Applicable Documents

The following documents are applicable to mutual aid restoration activities. Please use them to supplement the information provided in the video presentations.

All documents are in PDF format.

Eversource External Mutual Aid Safety Onboarding Guide
This document is the full version of our Eversource Safety requirements during contractor and/or outside utility mutual aid support.

Contractor Onboarding Key Safety Messages
This document is a summarized version of the External Mutual Aid Onboarding Guide and can be distributed among crews for a reference.

Eversource Distribution Grounding Requirements
These documents cover the distribution overhead grounding requirements per-state for installing Temporary Protective Grounding (TPG) assemblies on Overhead (OH) Transmission lines 35 kV and below.

State-specific versions:

Eversource Common Recloser and Device Guide 
Use this guide to reference typical recloser and sectionalizer devices found on the Eversource Electric System. 

Rubber Gloving and Working on De-energized 34.5 kV Circuits 
Per current Eversource safety rules, the class of rubber gloves that are used when performing work on energized circuits is determined by the system operating voltage of the circuit. This document discusses the work practices for working on de-energized 34.5kV circuits.

Environmental Spills or Oil-Filled Equipment - All States
Eversource personnel and vendors that encounter spills or oil-filled equipment are required to take immediate action and provide correct details to ensure compliance.