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After A Storm

Even after a storm has passed, it is important to remain alert to potential hazards that could have resulted from an outage or storm.

Responding to Damage from Isaias

We are moving with an extreme sense of urgency, focused on working with communities to clear blocked roads and restoring power to our customers. 

As of 1:45 p.m. Thursday, there are approximately 519,000 customers without service. Power has been restored to 347,061 customers since the storm began.

With hundreds of crews and support staff working around the clock, later today, Thursday, August 6, we will provide an estimate of when we expect the vast majority of customers to have power restored.


The impact from this storm, in terms of customers affected in Connecticut, is one of the largest on record. So far our patrollers have identified:

  • More than 500 broken poles
  • More than 3,000 downed spans of electrical wire 
  • More than 2,200 trees to be removed 
  • More than 700 blocked roads
  • More than 170 damaged transformers 

Hundreds of line crews, tree crews, damage assessors, wire-down guards, and community liaisons continue working around-the-clock assisting impacted communities. In addition, crews arrived today from Massachusetts and more are scheduled to arrive from Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Maryland and New York.

Given the significant and widespread damage, we are asking customers to prepare for multiple days without power. We appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding that some restorations may take longer as we work to ensure the safety of our employees and customers during this coronavirus pandemic.
Report an Outage

If you have not yet been able to report an outage, the best option today is to Report an Outage on our website. On that page, enter your phone number or your Eversource account number and click the “Go” button.

A drone photo of line work in Connecticut Drone photo of a crew working in Connecticut Eversource crews working in Connecticut Drone photo of a line crew restoring power in Connecticut An Eversource line person making repairs Eversource crew members reviewing plans in Connecticut An Eversource crew restoring power in Connecticut Eversource crews working in Connecticut Trees on wires on Route 167 in Avon Damage on Birchcrest Drive in Southington Wires down on Summer Street in Southington A tree down across the road on Dudley Town Road in Windsor A tree down on Cone Road in East Hampton A tree across the road in Cobalt







Here are some potential safety hazards to be on the look-out for:
  • If all of your neighbors have their power back on, but yours is still out, report your outage again by calling 800-286-2000.
  • If you require emergency shelter, either because of damage to your home, the temperature or other reasons, please contact the American Red Cross online or by dialing 211.
  • If you have to drive, watch out for trees and wires in the roadway. Do not drive across a downed power line. Treat all nonworking traffic lights as stop signs and proceed cautiously at intersections.
  • Stay clear of all fallen tree limbs and electrical wires as well as anything they are touching—such as puddles and metal fences.
  • Notify local fire, police, and electric utility officials about downed power lines.
  • Do not enter damaged buildings with flame lanterns, candles or lighted cigarettes because there may be gas leaks.
  • If you smell gas, leave immediately. Get to a safe place and call 911.
  • Plug in and then turn on your appliances one at a time to avoid a power surge.