Extensive Restoration Efforts Continue in Western Connecticut

We know that being without power for an extended period of time creates a significant disruption to your life.

Crews and support teams continued their round-the-clock push to restore power to every customer in Brookfield, Danbury, New Fairfield, Newtown, Oxford and Southbury.

New restoration projections were pushed out to customers through the channel of their choice yesterday afternoon. As crews arrive on site and assess each job, an updated ETR is created.

Restoration may take longer in areas where there are single, scattered outages. We remind customers that if power has been restored in their area, but they remain without electricity, please contact Eversource to report the outage.

These outages may be the result of a damaged service line: the wire that runs from a customer’s property to the street. This may be the case if neighbors have power, but a single property does not. Eversource repairs the service line, but some repairs to private property require an electrician or contractor and can take longer to complete. We will work with these customers individually.

What We've Found

We continue to replace electric infrastructure that was torn apart by the tornadoes and macroburst. In total, more than 270 miles of electric line came down in this storm – that’s more than twice the length of Connecticut. 

Customers Impacted

Town Customers Restored Customers Without Power
Brookfield 4,715 3,353
Danbury 13,551 869
New Fairfield 3,137 2,966
Newtown 7,614 1,003
Oxford 3,659 1,078
Southbury 8,328 1,630
Active Work
Town Customers With
Crews On-Site
Customers With
Crews En Route
Brookfield 2,028 76
Danbury 257 12
New Fairfield 1,812 197
Newtown 658 35
Oxford 688 31
Southbury 986 37

Pending Work

Town Customers Part Of A Multi-Customer Outage Customers Impacted By Outages Requiring Pole Replacement Single Customer Outages
Brookfield 610 531 108
Danbury 349 218 33
New Fairfield 694 188 75
Newtown 171 113 26
Oxford 192 114 53
Southbury 384 169 54

Damage Reported As of 3:30 p.m. Sunday

Town Broken Poles Trees To Be Cleared Miles of Wire To Be Replaced Transformers Blocked Roads
Brookfield 317 308 50.0 162 33
Danbury 172 310 21.7 57 46
New Fairfield 317 427 35.3 115 35
Newtown 159 336 33.2 63 52
Oxford 177 370 29.1 56 25
Southbury 204 487 33.6 78 32

Recovery Plan

There are more than 1,000 people assigned to power restoration and they are concentrated in Brookfield, Danbury, New Fairfield, Newtown, Oxford and Southbury.

We’ve found that each remaining outage area requires extensive tree removal, the installation of all new poles and replacement equipment like transformers and fuses, in addition to the complete replacement of thousands of feet of electric wire.

More than 90 of our crews are simultaneously going door-to-door to meet with residents we suspect have damage to their electric service equipment that require additional repairs.

These repairs are necessary to enable these customers to receive electric service. Some customers will be unable to have electric service restored due to the extent of damage to their homes or businesses.

Information Shared With Public Officials

View the information we shared with public officials and leaders in your community.