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Vegetation Management

New England is home to some of the most forested states in the country, and while trees of many types and sizes enhance our region’s natural beauty, they can also cause problems when they grow too close or fall into power lines. In fact, damaged trees cause up to 90 percent of outages during storms.

Where We Maintain Vegetation

Our vegetation management programs involve thoughtful tree pruning and removal near roadside power lines, as well as high-voltage power line corridors to help ensure public safety and reliable electric service.

Distribution System Vegetation Management

The distribution system includes the power lines you see along roads and highways that deliver power to your home or business.

How we maintain the distribution system

Transmission System Vegetation Management

The transmission system includes the structures and power lines within our right of way corridors that carry high-voltage electricity from power generation sources and substations.

How we maintain the transmission system

Vegetation Work on Your Property