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We're committed to delivering safe, reliable power across more than 13,000 square miles in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Key Electric System Reliability Efforts

Our teams are working harder than ever to make our electric system smarter and more resilient with fewer outages—all while allowing seamless connection to clean energy sources.

Vegetation Management

Trees are the number one cause of power outages and public safety issues like blocked roads. Our vegetation management programs are designed to balance preserving the many important benefits and natural beauty that trees provide with the need for safe and reliable power.

Our vegetation management program

Transmission and Distribution System

Our resiliency plan enables our electric system to withstand severe climate change impacts through major projects that enhance overall system reliability.

What we're doing

Drone Inspections

In difficult terrain, we may use drones to provide a critical, bird’s-eye view so we can identify any potential issues. This provides real-time information, captures high-quality photos and videos and reduces the need for helicopter inspections and foot patrols.

Our drone inspection program

Storm Preparedness

Our dedicated team is always ready to respond to storms and emergencies. This means being prepared to leave their home and their families for days and even weeks to support restoration efforts.

How we prepare for a storm

Smart Technology

Building a self-healing electric system

A smarter electric system means fewer and shorter outages. Over the past decade, we've installed thousands of smart devices on our electric system that can:

  • Isolate power outages and restore thousands from a backup source in fewer than five minutes
  • Automatically restore power when a fuse opens, like when a tree limb temporarily contacts a wire
  • Protect the electric system when a problem is detected, such as a current surge or overload


Durable Infrastructure

Using stronger materials that can withstand forces of nature

To help withstand stronger storms, we're upgrading our infrastructure using more durable materials. Upgrades include:

  • Replacing utility poles with more durable structures
  • Replacing standard electric wire with sturdier, covered wire
  • Replacing wooden high-voltage transmission structures with stronger steel structures

How You Can Stay Prepared

Just as our team works year-round to prepare for storms, we encourage you to prepare to keep you and your loved ones safe during a long-duration power outage – especially as storms are becoming more frequent and severe.

How to prepare before a storm