Doing Business With Us

E-Business Policy

In its continuing effort to improve and streamline business functions and to strengthen its business relationships, Eversource has implemented a variety of E-Business technologies to improve the communications process of business information including: Supplier eConnection (Eversource's Supplier Web Portal located on its eSourceing section); Supplier Registry - Ariba Supplier system and the electronic exchange of business data using a point-to-point connection or a value-added network either directly or through a third-party E-Business provider (collectively "E-Business").

Maximizing use of E-Business is an important priority of the Eversource and often results in increased accuracy, improved timeliness, and a reduction in operating expenses for trading partners as well. Our objective is to utilize E-Business to establish new business relationships and to strengthen existing partnerships.

We offer these opportunities to all trading partners of Eversource. Trading partners that enter into agreements with the Eversource using E-Business are required to enter into a Trading Partner Agreement (TPA) or agreements for the use of any form of electronic exchange of information, data or documentation between trading partners that validate the legality of the business transactions which will be electronically processed. The TPA or comparable agreement must be signed and the original document must be returned to Eversource, which will keep the TPA or comparable agreement on file.

Note that the TPA applies only to the electronic process of transmitting documents between trading partners and does not alter or affect any other terms of business agreements that might be in effect between Eversource and its trading partners.

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