Customer Owned Gas Line Maintenance

At times, you may find you have questions about which parts of your service are privately owned and which parts Eversource maintains.

Eversource is required by federal and state regulations to maintain gas lines up to and including the gas meter. We also maintain the gas pipes that run along your street and end at your gas meter.

Some customers may have buried gas lines extending beyond the meter into their home or business. Maintenance of these gas lines is the responsibility of the gas user or property owner, not Eversource.

If you have an underground pipe on your property that leads to a building, outdoor gas grill, gas light, pool heater, spa heater, generator or other natural gas appliances, a licensed plumber or heating contractor can assist in locating, inspecting and repairing leaks and corrosion.

This piping should be periodically inspected for leaks and corrosion (if the piping is metallic) and ultimately repaired if any unsafe condition is discovered. If it is not maintained, it may leak or become weak.

Anyone excavating must take special precautions when working near underground facilities. Buried gas piping should be located in advance and all excavation should be done by hand. A scrape, dent or crease to the pipe may cause a future leak or failure.