Renewable Generation

Today, the majority of New England's electricity is generated using fossil fuels like natural gas, oil and coal. This balance will shift in the coming years as the state and the region invest in carbon-free and renewable resources to meet environmental policies and consumers' desire for cleaner electricity.

Renewable energy options hold great promise for our future and with rebates and incentives offered through state and federal programs, more customers are becoming interested in getting involved.

We own and operate a fleet of renewable generation sources, including:

  • A 51 kW solar array at our Energy Park facility in Manchester, New Hampshire
    The 183 photovoltaic panel array is one of the largest in New Hampshire and offsets more than 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year.
  • An eight acre, 1.8 MW solar facility located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts
    Since opening in October 2010, our Silver Lake Solar Facility has won two awards: The Photovoltaic Projects of Distinction Award from the Solar Electric Power Association and the John A.S. McGlennon Environmental Award of Corporate Leadership from the Environmental Business Council of New England.
  • A 12 acre solar facility in the Indian Orchard neighborhood of Springfield, Massachusetts
    The facility contains 8,200 solar panels producing 2.3 MW of electricity - enough to power about 500 homes.
  • A 3.9 MW facility located on Cottage Street in Springfield, Massachusetts
    This generation facility occupies 22 acres of land on top of a capped landfill, contains 12,980 solar panels and can supply electricity to 850 average-size homes.