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Geothermal Energy and Decarbonized Heating

We're committed to decarbonizing the heating sector by bringing new, innovative technologies to our customers.

Why Decarbonize?

Decarbonization is the process of lowering your carbon footprint by reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re committed to finding innovative solutions like geothermal technology that will help us meet the decarbonization goals for our customers while continuing to provide our natural gas customers with safe, affordable, reliable service every day.

We’re collaborating with diverse stakeholders to evaluate pathways to clean fuel sources considering factors such as environmental benefits, reliability, costs to customers, equity and environmental justice issues, and the need to train our workforce to support these new resources.

Geothermal Technology

A geothermal system uses water, wells, piping and pumps to pull heat out of the ground to warm buildings in winter, and pump heat from those buildings back into the ground in summer to cool them using heat pump technology.

Our Geothermal Pilot

In June 2023 we hosted the groundbreaking of our first- in-the-nation, networked geothermal pilot in Framingham, Massachusetts, marking the start of construction on this innovative project.

On June 4, 2024, we hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the commissioning of the pilot.

After nearly a year of construction, the system is turned on, circulating fluid, and ready to serve approximately 135 residential and commercial customers with ground-sourced heating and cooling.

“This is going to be the start of great things, not just here in Massachusetts, but you’ll see it across the country,” said Chairman, President, and CEO Joe Nolan at the ceremony.

Additional speakers at the event were Secretary of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs for Massachusetts Rebecca Tepper, Massachusetts State Senator Michael Barrett, who co-chairs the Joint Legislative Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy, and Zeyneb Magavi, Executive Director of HEET.

The pilot will help us understand the potential for offering larger geothermal programs as an alternative energy source across our service territory.

Learn more about the Framingham geothermal pilot

Meeting Demand For Heat Pumps

Customers are increasingly exploring heat pumps as an energy efficient alternative to fossil fuel heating systems, and we are expanding our incentives and streamlining our customer experience to help meet that demand. 

We offer some of the highest rebates in the country to support the installation of heat pumps. The Energy Efficiency team provided rebates for over 18,700 residential heat pumps in 2023, more than double the number in 2022.

To help customers make informed decisions and access a list of qualified heating and cooling contractors, we collaborated with the other Sponsors of Mass Save® and Energize ConnecticutSM to launch a Heat Pump Installer Network (HPIN), which helps provide high-quality installation of heat pumps for both residential and commercial customers.

In 2023, the Mass Save HPIN achieved the milestone of enrolling over 1,000 contractors, ending the year with more than 1,600 enrolled.

Heat pump rebates and information