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2023 Sustainability Report

This annual report focuses on material sustainability priorities, including descriptions of how these topics are managed and performance updates.

The latest report, released June 2024, covers the 2023 calendar year for all wholly owned operations.

  • We are committed to environmental stewardship and minimizing our impact on the environment while demonstrating our leadership in addressing climate change.
  • We continue to support the enablement of a clean energy transition while maintaining our focus on the reliable delivery of electric, gas and water services.
  • We do our part in protecting and conserving natural resources, minimizing waste, preserving biodiversity, addressing historical environmental justice issues, and mitigating the impacts of climate change.
  • We have a responsibility to conduct our business in ways that bring value to our communities and embrace our differences.
  • We are devoted to instilling respect and inclusion as the cornerstones of our culture.
  • We are dedicated to ethical business practices: doing the right thing, acting with honesty and integrity, and providing transparent information to all stakeholders.
Our full PDF Sustainability Report
Eversource Chairman, President & CEO Joseph Nolan

Joe Nolan, Eversource Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

In 2023, Eversource’s commitment to sustainability bore fruit in landmark clean energy accomplishments, in a deepened commitment to equity and environmental justice, and in numerous independent national recognitions. We are proud to share these stories and many others in our annual Sustainability Report, which once again details our role as a driver of positive change for customers, communities, employees, investors and other stakeholders.

- Joe Nolan, Eversource Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

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