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Social networking, food shopping, banking, and even dog walking – there is truly an app for everything. With millions of apps to choose from, how can you find one that helps save money and energy? 

on mobile phoneCheck out these five free apps designed to give homeowners and renters better control of their energy use, helping connect you to solutions for savings on the go.

  1. Consider the Eversource app for ease of convenience – Customers can manage their Eversource account on the go from their smart devices. The Eversource app allows users to view and pay their bills from anywhere, report or check the status of a power outage during a storm and contact customer service for all of their energy needs.
  2. Discover new ways to go green with JouleBugJouleBug can make protecting our planet engaging and fun. The app offers users challenges and rewards them for making more sustainable choices.For example, users can earn points when they bike to brunch instead of driving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. JouleBug also tracks how our actions impact the environment and calculates how much waste is diverted and CO2 and water are saved.  

    Are you as energy savvy as you think? Link your Eversource utility account to the JouleBug app and find out.
  3. Be a Climate Hero with Oroeco From home energy and transportation decisions to shopping and entertainment choices, Oroeco can help users identify which of their habits cause the most pollution. The app calculates the user’s carbon footprint by subtracting their carbon-producing habits from the sustainable choices they make to offset them. As the user tracks and changes their habits, they’ll learn how to save money and help the planet.
  4. Illuminate with ENERGY STAR®’S Light Bulb FinderThis app helps users find the right light bulbs to save money and energy at home. Energy efficient lighting is an easy, inexpensive way to save on energy without changing the character of your home. Each ENERGY STAR® certified lightbulb you install can save you about $55 over its lifetime. Just input information about home fixtures and styles and the app will instantly recommend a range of energy-efficient bulbs with the right shape and style for indoor and outdoor use.
  5. Save on heating bills with smart thermostats and apps – Many ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostats offer apps that allow users to control and monitor heating and cooling remotely. Did you know that during the winter you can cut your energy bills by as much as 10 percent simply by lowering the temperature of your home for eight hours a day? You can conveniently raise the temperature of your home from your car to prepare for a warm and cozy night. The app also stores heating and cooling history for up to 10 days so users can easily track their energy use and keep it in check.  

Try one of these apps to get smart about energy use and share your progress with us on Facebook and Twitter.

For more ways to save, check out Eversource’s Energy Savings Plan, a free, interactive, online planning tool that empowers you with ways to better manage your energy use and save money.