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What’s the key to being a great juggler? Never take your eye off the ball or, in Typical Sicilian’s Chef Enzo Amore’s case, the frying pan.

Chef Enzo AmoreRunning his family-owned restaurant and keeping it successful mean long hours and juggling a lot of different jobs. Same is true for most small business owners who have a common lament—there just aren’t enough hours in the day! And that’s the challenge for most small business owners—finding the time and money to analyze their energy usage and invest in energy efficiency upgrades that can bring significant and immediate savings. It took years for our energy efficiency experts (and loyal customers) to convince Chef Amore to sign up for Mass Save’s small and mid-size energy efficiency programs. He qualified for incentives to help upgrade to energy-saving equipment and systems, modernize outdated equipment or add energy efficiency into renovation plans. In the restaurant business, you run on tight margins and don’t want to waste money running old, inefficient machinery; lighting; or heating and cooling systems. The work in his restaurant was done when there were no customers around and, when it was completed, thousands of dollars were pouring back into the business--financed through Mass Save. Gravy!

Clarence & CrewAnother program that sounds too good to be true, but isn’t? The Main Street Energy Efficiency Program that’s helped small business owners across Massachusetts. Based on the results of the Mass Save energy assessment upgrades – offered at low or no-cost to the participating businesses – may include new lighting, occupancy sensors, programmable thermostats and water saving devices.

Springfield’s Final Touch Barbershop owner Clarence Smith helped us get the word out to 33 of his fellow small business owners about the program, who qualified for a total of the more than a quarter-of-a-million dollars of energy efficiency upgrades at no cost to the owners.

Before signing up for the Mass Save small business program, Dakin Humane Society’s building had inefficient lighting and a heating system that consistently ran to keep its water hot, wasting money and energy. 

Penni DakinNow they’ll be saving more than $49,000 a year.

“We never thought the project would be affordable, but the program helped us make changes we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do,” said Dakin Humane Society Executive Director Carmine DiCenso. “Everything was done in a way that met our needs without startling the animals or interrupting our business.”

The Mass Save programs are designed to make it easy for small business owners to participate, enjoy the savings while focusing on their business. Sounds good!

For more information about all of the energy efficiency programs available to Eversource customers, visit