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Why Be An EV Charging Station Host?

In Massachusetts, Eversource can help you meet demand for EV charging and contribute to your sustainability goals.

EV drivers are your employees, residents, patrons, guests and visitors. By installing charging stations, you’ll provide them with a valuable amenity while also:

  • Improving employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction;
  • Enhancing your public image;
  • Attracting tenants and visitors/guests;
  • Achieving your sustainability goals;
  • Helping Massachusetts reduce its largest source of pollution.

It’s never been easier or more affordable to install charging stations at your facility. That’s because the Eversource EV Charging Station program will cover 100 percent of the infrastructure implementation costs.

All your business needs to do is to purchase and install the charging stations. We’ll do the rest and have you ready to offer EV charging at your location in no time.

Partner with Eversource in Massachusetts