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Charging Stations Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find the answers to some questions that are frequently asked by customers and contractors in Massachusetts.


How does Eversource support Electric Vehicles (EVs)?

At Eversource we are launching the deployment of both Level II and DC Fast Electric Vehicle Charging stations throughout our electric service territory in Massachusetts. We seek to accelerate the EV charging market, as well as support Massachusetts greenhouse gas reduction goals and facilitate the adoption of more EVs in Massachusetts by 2025.

How do I qualify to become an EV charging station site host?

The following criteria needs to be met before you can host an EV charging station.

  • You are a non-residential Eversource customer, or the owner/manager of a multi-unit building.

  • You own, lease or operate a site that provides long-dwelling time parking (two hours or more). This includes public parking areas, retail and mall parking, workplaces, colleges and universities, government properties and multi-unit dwellings.

  • Your parking lot is located at a site where Eversource owns the existing distribution infrastructure.

  • You can provide a license and easement to Eversource for construction and maintenance of the infrastructure that leads to the charging station.

  • You are willing to purchase the electric charging stations as well as pay the associated costs of their connection to the infrastructure.

Please note, eligibility does not guarantee participation in the program.

Who will own and operate the charging stations?

You will own and operate the charging stations and be responsible for usage and maintenance costs. Eversource will own the infrastructure and be responsible for the maintenance of it.

How many charging stations can my site have?

We provide capacity for up to 5 or 10 charging ports, depending on the service in the area, to help you prepare for future expansion of your EV charging needs. 

We do require that the Site Host installs a minimum of two Level 2 charging ports, or one Level 3 (DC Fast Charging) port at the time the infrastructure is put in place.

What should I consider when planning the type and number of charging stations to install?

When making your decision, consider:

  • Who will use the stations? General public, employees, customers, residents or travelers?

  • How long will the stations be in use? Two plus hours, an entire workday, or a quick stop during a long trip?

  • The type of parking facility: commuter lot, retail/mall parking, public garage or workplace parking.

Where will the charging stations be placed?

The charging station should be located close to the Eversource-owned electric equipment. Also keep in mind:

  • A charging station can be either pedestal or wall mount.

  • They should be located in an area providing adequate lighting for safety.

  • The charging station should be easily visible with ample signage pointing to its location.

If I have multiple buildings that share a parking lot can the charging station installation overlap?

Yes. The installation may overlap across more than one address. The infrastructure that Eversource deploys will have its own dedicated service and meter.


What am I responsible for?

You are responsible for procuring qualifying charging stations, from an approved vendor, within 30 days after the funding is approved for your site.

What work will Eversource manage?

Eversource will manage and cover all related costs for the implementation of the infrastructure connecting to your chargers. This includes, but is not limited to, trenching, a transformer (if necessary), a dedicated service meter, panel(s), conduits and necessary wiring to support the approved number of charging stations.

Eversource will also coordinate all the work required, including the maintaining of safety barriers and management of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

How long does a typical deployment take?

Once you have been approved and submit a proof-of-purchase for the charging stations, we estimate the deployment will take approximately three months. This assumes permitting, inspections and the installation of the charging stations are done in a timely manner.

Who is responsible for procuring and covering the cost of the necessary permits and inspections?

Eversource will cover the cost of permits and inspects for the infrastructure on both our side and the customer side. Permits and inspections for the charge station installation will be covered by the charging station vendor or the customer.


What is my cost?

You cover the cost of purchasing and installing the charging station(s) as well as soft costs such as a warranty package, cloud services, and electricity.

If the site is in an Environmental Justice Community (EJC) you do not have to pay for the charging station or installation, but are still responsible for soft costs such as a warranty package, cloud services, and electricity.

What funding is available?

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities approved $45 million for the deployment of electric vehicle charging stations in our service territory in Massachusetts. This investment supports the provision of the infrastructure for the charging stations.

This translates to supporting approximately 3,500 Level II and Level III (DC Fast charging) points at up to 450 business customer sites.

Will the funding apply to legacy installations of charging stations?

If the customer is installing new stations to complement existing ones, and it is technically feasible, we will tie in the existing stations into the new infrastructure and meter. This will allow the customer to take advantage of future EV-friendly rates.

Who pays for the cost of energy?

Although the customer is responsible for paying the utility bill, there are several options for how electric vehicle users pay for the service of charging their car. These options vary from direct pass-through to charging by the hour.

Your charging station vendor will help guide you through the best billing option for you.