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Rebates for Connecticut Home Charging

Rebates to help with the purchase and setup of home charging.

Your Rebate Options

What you need to charge your EV at home will depend on the type of vehicle you own and the condition of your existing home electrical system.

We offer three different options that may be combined depending on your needs:

  • A $500 rebate on qualified Level 2 Smart Chargers
  • A $100 incentive for cars with Telematics that are not eligible for a charger rebate.
  • A $500 rebate to help with a home wiring upgrade

By receiving one of these rebates or incentives, you will automatically be enrolled in our Managed Charging program, which rewards you for charging your vehicle at certain times of the day. 

Find the Right Rebates

We offer different rebates depending on your EV type, what equipment you already own and your home electrical setup.

Whether you choose to participate in our Managed Charging Program with a Level 2 Smart Charger or Telematics, you'll need a 240 volt outlet. If you need to install a high-voltage outlet wiring upgrade, we offer a $500 rebate to help get you set up.

We are issuing incentive payments for all eligible home charging projects throughout the state. Eligible applications, including those submitted between June 8 and June 14, will join the queue to be processed for payment.

Level 2 Smart Charger

Charge your car up to four times faster than a standard Level 1 charger, and connect to Wi-Fi networks for more control over your power use. You can choose which make and model of charger to buy from our qualified products list (PDF).

We offer a $500 rebate on qualified Level 2 Smart Chargers.

I need a Level 2 Smart Charger I need a Level 2 Smart Charger and a wiring upgrade


Telematics uses a computer system built into your car to connect to our Managed Charging network.

If you own a Tesla or one of these vehicles, you can enroll with Telematics.

We offer a $100 incentive for Telematics vehicles that enroll.

I need to enroll my Telematics I need to enroll my Telematics and get a wiring upgrade

Still have questions?

Electric Vehicle Charging For Non-Homeowners

You don't need to own your home to drive an EV. If your condominium association or landlord is looking to install EV charging stations for the whole property's common use, we have solutions that meet those needs. 

Visit our business website for EV charging in multifamily buildings