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Electric Vehicle Charging in Multifamily Buildings in Connecticut

Happy tenants, raised property value, environmental benefits and more.

Attracting Renters

Renters who own EVs face more logistical challenges around charging their car, so offering charging at your building can be a great way to keep your tenants happy, and attract renters who own or are considering an EV. A 2016 poll found that 58% of renters were willing to pay more for apartments with EV charging.

As more and more people purchase EVs, offering charging at your building is a great way to stand out from the rest.

Additional Income

Many charging stations can be set up as an additional stream of revenue at your property. Tenants will receive a valuable service right at their home, and you'll earn monthly revenue for providing access.

Or, you can choose to subsidize the costs of charging, making your property even more attractive to renters.

Environmental Benefits

As Connecticut moves towards a carbon-neutral future, creating a network that makes it easy for renters to buy and charge EVs will be key. Eversource offers generous rebates to help you bring these environmental benefits to your property and support Connecticut's EV Charging network.

Are you a renter?

Consider sharing this rebate and information with your landlord or property management.