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Install an EV Charger at Work in Connecticut

Partner with Eversource to install and support EV chargers at your workplace.

Good for the Environment

For Connecticut to reach it's ambitious sustainability and carbon neutrality goals, we need to create and support a network of EV Chargers that can handle demand, and distribute renewable energy across the state.

Installing EV Chargers at workplaces is key in reaching this goal. Employees can easily charge up while they work, and then be ready to go once the workday ends.

Plus, seeing a charger available at work can help employees feel more comfortable converting to an EV and limit range anxiety.

Good for Business

In this case, what's good for the environment is also good for business. Available EV Charging can keep workers happy, help you attract and retain talent, and some surveys show increased productivity and punctuality, as EV owners will no longer need to worry about where they charge their vehicles.

Plus, available charging can bring and keep customers in your building, and create a pleasant experience for visiting clients.