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Londonderry to Hudson (NH-25) - Vegetation Maintenance

Maintaining the existing cleared areas from Londonderry to Hudson.

Why Are We Doing This Project?

Vegetation near or that can fall on high-voltage lines can cause safety issues and power outages for thousands of customers. 

To improve system performance, especially during severe weather events, arborists evaluate each right-of-way project prescribing utility vegetation best management practices.  

To sustain the reliability of the transmission system, we will be working in the right of way corridor to ensure compliance with company vegetation maintenance specifications. This work is done on a cyclical basis to address the incompatible woody vegetation that has grown since maintenance was last conducted in the rights of way.

The vegetation management work may include:

  • Clearing of incompatible trees and/or removal of branches that are encroaching into the right of way.
  • Removing tall-growing tree species that are incompatible with the transmission system, using manual climbing crew or mechanical tree-harvesting equipment, and tree-chipping machinery.
  • Removal of vegetation within the cleared areas of the right of way, through cutting and/or mowing.

Where Is The Work Being Done?

We'll be maintaining the existing cleared areas from Londonderry to Hudson. Please see project maps below for details. Click maps to enlarge.

When Is The Work Being Done?

This project is planned for 2024. Specific project dates and details for those adjacent to the rights of way work will be informed via mailed letter, informational door hanger and in-person conversation. 

Community Outreach

We take every safety precaution while working in local communities, and all people working on the construction project carry identification. The project work will not interrupt electric service to homes or businesses.

Have Questions?

Keeping the lines of communication open is an important part of our work in your community.

For questions or more information about the project, please contact us at 1-888-673-9943 or