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Lineworker Rescues Kittens From High-Voltage Area

All four kittens are healthy and expected to go up for adoption.

Watch how lineworker Branden Collins helped rescue four kittens.

Lineworker Branden Collins was on site at a high-voltage area in Stamford, Connecticut, when he noticed four little kittens dangerously close to energized wires.

“We were there for a completely different job, when I noticed a little ball of fur,” said Collins. “There were kittens in the energized area. Between the wires and oil from the transformer, it was the worst possible area they could be in.”

Police were already on site, and together they contacted animal control and got help right away to protect the kittens.

Working with animal control, Collins and the crew de-energized the area, opened the fence and went in with gloves to rescue the kittens. All four were safely put in a carrier and sent to Animal Nation, a non-profit wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center.

Four kittens sitting together on a blanket.

They were honestly healthy,” said Animal Nation President Patrick Moore while holding up the four wiggling kittens. “They were on antibiotics and pain meds for burn wounds, and they’re healing up nicely.”

The kittens, named Watt, Ever, Zolt and Amp by the shelter, are getting ready for adoption in a few weeks.

"The biggest message is adopt, adopt, adopt" added Moore.

Animal Nation has over 100 cats looking for homes now in Connecticut, visit the Animal Nation adoption page if you're interested in adoption.

"It was great to work with Eversource," added Animal Control officer Stendhal Jean Louis. "I'm so glad the kittens found a good place."

"I was happy to do my part” said Collins. “It didn’t seam real, but now I have my eye open for kittens everywhere I go.”