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Where Energy, Efficiency, and Empathy Intersect

Feb 7, 2023

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Decades ago, a young man in the Army underwent some tests that left him blind. Today, he battles cancer that stems from the same experience. Despite this tragic past, this veteran maintains his positive outlook but isn’t always sure how to ask for help. Newell & Crathern, one of New Hampshire’s contractors that specializes in weatherization, insulation and energy efficiency for residential buildings and mobile homes, connected with this former service member and immediately wanted to get him the help he both needed and greatly deserved.


Working with one of the state’s several Community Action Partnership (CAP) agencies and Eversource, an NHSaves utility partner, Newell & Crathern installed new windows and insulation at the veteran’s home, enabling him to significantly decrease his fuel usage. And while this task isn’t a normal part of the weatherization program, the Newell & Crathern team went above and beyond to also clear clutter that had accumulated. Through this unexpected kindness, the customer’s home greatly improved operationally. And this is not the only inspirational story of its type. “We run into this all the time,” shared Ted Dickinson, Vice President for Newell & Crathern.

How CAP agencies and contractors work together

Community Action Programs (also known as CAP agencies or Community Action Agencies) and the contractors they work with are a critical part of the energy efficiency infrastructure in New Hampshire, working alongside support programs like Eversource’s to deliver services and solutions to some of the state’s populations who need it the most. Their core initiatives focus on programming designed to meet the needs of each individual community, with an emphasis on workforce development, childcare, fuel assistance, and the prevention of homelessness.

These agencies depend on a strong network of partners, including contractors, to ensure many program outcomes. Energy efficiency initiatives, especially weatherization for homes for lower income families, is one of those areas. Collaboration with the state’s energy efficiency program, NHSaves, which is funded by electric and natural gas ratepayers and delivered by Eversource, Liberty Utilities, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative and Until, is an essential pillar of implementing these weatherization solutions.

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