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Unsung Heroes and the Impact of Weatherization

Feb 28, 2023

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“Hundreds,” said Ted Dickinson, Vice President for Newell & Crathern, one of New Hampshire’s weatherization contractors, when asked whether he had any touching stories to share from his teams going above and beyond for customers. “This [NHSaves and CAP agency] program helps people who are desperate,” he added. “Guys who care will excel.” Offering a listening ear and improving someone’s home for them are simply considered part of the job.

Nathan Mills, from the Tri-County Community Action Program shared a similar anecdote from his team that exemplifies this kind of attitude. He said that last winter, “…with temperatures in the single digits, the TCCAP weatherization office received a call from a mobile homeowner who had a failed heating system. We dispatched an Energy Auditor up to the home that day who diagnosed a cracked heat exchanger. Temporary heaters were provided to the homeowner while an ENERGY STAR® heating system was spec’d and ordered. It was installed and operational in the mobile home” within just a few days.

As part of this emergency fix, the organization also facilitated an energy audit of the home to identify some significant additional savings. Some of the implemented solutions included air sealing, insulation, pipe wraps, and LED lights.

Because these teams show up at people’s homes with solutions in hand, they can often identify additional ways to help. It’s the crew members and foremen on the job who recognize those opportunities to go above and beyond that not only progress in this industry but can go home at night knowing it was a job well done.

Why a thoughtful energy efficiency workforce can make a big difference

None of these solutions would be possible without compassionate workers going into other people’s homes, every day, looking for ways to improve their daily lives. Leaders at their respective organizations, Ted Dickinson, Nathan Mills, and Mike Turcotte all pointed to numerous employees – John Litten at Newell & Crathern, Jack Hoffman at TCCAP, Mark Thompson at Turn Cycle Solutions, and many others – who demonstrate the kind of hard work and empathy that spurred them from entry-level jobs on a crew to leaders and supervisors within their organizations.

Working in the energy efficiency industry goes far beyond just improving insulation or consulting on electrification strategies. The weatherization contractors and programs in New Hampshire exemplify the qualities and compassion that form the core of a truly effective workforce.

At its foundation, efficiency measures decrease energy use. But at the heart of it, efficiency measures demonstrate investment in property, commitment to the environment, and bettering people’s lived experiences. The collaboration of NHSaves Utility Partners like Eversource and the people at work every day is essential to installing efficiency measures and ensuring positive outcomes.