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Eversource Salutes Our Veterans

Nov 13, 2023

Veterans Day employees veterans

We’re prepared for their deployment at any moment, proud of their service and committed to their success on all fronts

Hundreds of veterans, representing every branch of the U.S. military, work here at Eversource.

Along with their honorable military service, these veterans bring an important dynamic to our team as we serve millions of customers across three states. The leadership, discipline, integrity and courage our veterans have shown blends seamlessly to the job they do every day – delivering safe, reliable power even in challenging conditions like severe storms.

With the sacrifice and commitment our veterans and active-duty service members have made for their fellow Americans, they deserve our full support. We know that hiring a military veteran is one of the best decisions an organization can make, which is why we’re proud that for the fourth year in a row Eversource received the 2023 HIRE (Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans) Vets Award – a prestigious, federal-level medallion program recognizing exceptional achievement in veteran employment.

Throughout National Veterans and Military Families Month in November, we’re bringing special attention to our military employees and families. Hear what their service and working at Eversource means to them:

Bill Gelinas is an Electric System Director here at Eversource, an Air Force veteran and the embodiment of dedication, sacrifice and courage. Having deployed to war zones four different times, Bill said he’s grateful for his colleagues’ steadfast support—especially when he had to leave his wife and three small children at home. His fellow employees even sent warm socks in a care package all the way to Baghdad for he and his fellow troops!


Community Relations Manager and Air Force veteran Joe Mitchell brings the leadership qualities and effective communication skills that he developed as an Air Force aircrew member to his work on our team. The best pilots convey information clearly, effectively, and concisely. That’s equally important when Joe’s serving as the point of contact for our state and local officials, community partners and business leaders across our service territories —especially in a crisis.


Field Communications Manager and Coast Guard Veteran Timothy Travis describes his readiness for rescue missions at sea as helping to prepare him for restoring power during a raging storm. His ability to remain calm and collected, especially in emergency situations, thinking clearly and staying focused is the key to success on both fronts. He’s thankful for the company supporting his job in the military as well his fellow employees’ readiness to provide coverage in case of emergency at home.


Luke Bowley is a Field Safety Manager and a Marine veteran, a military security guard who rose through the ranks defending embassies across the world. Marines have a well-earned distinction for toughness, and Bowley says the skills and traits he mastered in the military serve him well in our company. He appreciates the same level of teamwork and collaboration and coming together to accomplish our mission of safely delivering reliable power. He is proud to be a Marine and proud to work at a company like ours that supports and seeks out veterans to join us on the job. OORAH!


Electric Field Operations Supervisor and Air National Guard Tech Sergeant Paige Sullivan is one of our newest hires. Her job with the military is keeping jets flying safely. She’s served during a NATO mission as crew chief for the F-15 fighter jets. Paige believes “you can be good on your own…but without a team…you’ll never be great.”  That’s the approach she brings to working with her colleagues at Eversource.

“All of our veteran employees bring their military experience to bear in serving our customers and communities while improving the working fabric of our company, and we are honored to receive national recognition once again through the HIRE Vets Award for our unwavering commitment to supporting our employees who are veterans,” said Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Information Technology Chris Carmody. “We thank our employees with military experience for their service to our country and value the service-based and leadership skills and experience they bring to Eversource.”

2023 HIRE Vets Medallion Award

In addition to our veteran employment practices, we also have employee-led organizations like the Eversource Veterans Association and the Veterans Business Resource Group (BRG) that offer support to veterans both within the company and beyond – including hosting veteran appreciation and Stand Down events this November to honor and pay tribute to those who have served our nation. During a Stand Down, veterans receive assistance applying for the benefits they’ve earned for their service and sacrifice.

We’re proud to annually support Wreaths Across America in all three of our states, and our vegetation management team volunteers each year in Saluting Branches events to honor and assist veterans by providing tree care services at national cemeteries and other veteran properties. We’re also in our sixth year supporting the Holiday Cards for Our Military Challenge, with the nonprofit’s founder Dr. Laura Landerman-Garber announcing her millionth card later this month with the Eversource team in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Eversource employee volunteers for Saluting Branches event.


Supporting veterans is fundamental to our commitment to our communities and who we are as responsible corporate citizens at Eversource. We are also always recruiting and consistently seeking the best and the brightest who are committed to the same goals and values as we are: delivering safe and reliable power while supporting our customers and communities with integrity – and our veterans exemplify that commitment to service.