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Smart Switches and Trip Savers

We've installed thousands of trip savers and smart switches on our electric system that can:

  • Isolate power outages and restore thousands from a backup source in fewer than five minutes
  • Automatically restore power when a fuse opens, like when a tree limb temporarily contacts a wire
  • Protect the electric system when a problem is detected, such as a current surge or overload

Smart switches are reclosers that communicate through the protection and controls settings with one another to work to minimize affected zones if an outage or fault were to occur.

Trip savers, or smart fuses, replace fuses which have relay settings in them to sense faults and attempt to stay closed in an event where a tree limb or animal contact occurs.  As opposed to a fuse sensing a fault and blowing which would cause an outage, these trip savers have the potential to save customer outages based on their design.

Resilient Infrastructure

We're continuously upgrading our infrastructure for reliability, resiliency and connecting clean resources.

Learn more about our transmission and distribution systems