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Eversource Land Trust

We created the Eversource Land Trust to promote the preservation of open spaces in New England.

Preserving Natural Beauty in Connecticut

As one of the largest regulated electric and natural gas utility companies in the U.S., we created the Eversource Land Trust in 2012 to promote the preservation of open spaces in New England.

Bedrock on Skiff MountainThis gift to the people of Connecticut and the region ensures that important open spaces currently owned and operated by certain Eversource companies will be preserved in perpetuity. These lands will be retained in their natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.

Four properties in Connecticut have been initially placed into the Trust. Many of these properties provide recreational opportunities, including hiking, kayaking, hunting, fishing, and the opportunity to peacefully enjoy some of the most beautiful and pristine open spaces in southern New England.

The trust will preserve the following properties:

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the Eversource Land Trust?

The Eversource Land Trust is a non-stock, nonprofit 501(c) (3) corporation. The first four properties placed in the Trust will be maintained as open space in perpetuity. The Eversource Land Trust is believed to be the first large-scale preservation land trust operated by a regulated utility in the United States.

The Trust will be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of Eversource officers, who will be charged with the responsibility of maintaining the land placed in Trust, as well as evaluating future land gifts to the Trust.

Why are only four of the hundreds of Eversource-owned properties placed in the Land Trust?

Formation of the Land Trust is an important first step in preserving in perpetuity four key open space lands in Connecticut. It is important to note that many Eversource properties are currently available and will continue to be available for public use for a wide range of passive recreation opportunities.

What is the mission of the Eversource Land Trust Board?

Eversource is fully committed to operating the Land Trust in the best interest of the states in which we are privileged to do business. The lands we own are important components of our operational portfolio, but our Board members also recognize the value they represent to New England.

What assurances do we have that Eversource is not going dissolve the Trust in the future?

Eversource is a key business leader in New England and the 11th largest utility in the nation, serving over 3.5 million electric and natural gas customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

The Eversource Land Trust has been formed to administer permanent protection of key open spaces owned by the company. Like the Eversource Foundation which has been in existence for many years, the Eversource Land Trust will work with our communities and partners to ensure preservation of our valued open spaces.

Does Eversource still retain the right to use properties that are placed in the Land Trust?

Yes. We are in the business of providing electricity to our customers in the most cost effective and environmentally conscious manner.

To do so, we may need to access properties on a limited basis to ensure the transmission and delivery of power. Hence, we do reserve our easement rights to conduct our business in the manner necessary on that land.

Who is paying for these lands moving forward? Does it affect my rates?

The first four properties placed in the Eversource Land Trust were donated from shareholder-owned property and will be maintained by Eversource’s shareholders so there will be no costs to Eversource's customers.

Why did Eversource form the Land Trust?

Formation of the Eversource land trust has been on our minds for many years. During the recent negotiations with state agencies relative to the merger between Eversource and Boston-based NSTAR, Eversource offered the formation of a land trust as a demonstration of our commitment to the preservation of key open spaces.

In a way, the merger has proven to be the catalyst in making this a reality for us and for the people of New England.

Land Trust Officers & Board


  • James J. Judge - Chairman
  • Ellen M. Greim - President
  • John M. Moreira - Treasurer
  • Richard J. Morrison - Secretary

Board of Directors

  • Gregory B. Butler
  • Christine M. Carmody
  • James J. Judge
  • Philip J. Lembo
  • Joseph R. Nolan, Jr.
  • Werner J. Schweiger