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Massachusetts Electric Tariffs and Rules

The following tariffs have been filed and approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

The listed documents are a complete set of tariffs, riders and adjustments applicable to retail electric service as approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

All files are in PDF format.

Service Area
Summary of Electric Service Delivery Rates - EMA-1All
Terms & Conditions - Distribution Service-3All
Terms & Conditions - Competitive Suppliers & Competitive REA Suppliers-4EMA
Terms & Conditions - Competitive Suppliers-5WMA
Terms & Conditions - Green Option Suppliers-6WMA
ResidentialR-1 7All
Residential AssistanceR-28All
Residential Space HeatingR-39All
Residential Space Heating AssistanceR-410All
General ServiceG-111Greater Boston
General ServiceG-212Greater Boston
General Service Time of UseG-313Greater Boston
Optional Time of Use (Closed)T-114Greater Boston
Time of UseT-215Greater Boston
MWRAWR16Greater Boston
General (Non-Demand)G-018Cambridge
Large General Time of Use / Secondary ServiceG-220Cambridge
Large General Time of Use / 13.8 kV ServiceG-321Cambridge
Optional General Time of UseG-422Cambridge
Commercial Space Heating (Closed)G-523Cambridge
Optional General Time of Use (Non-Demand)G-624Cambridge
Standby Service (Closed)SB-125Cambridge
Maintenance Service (Closed)MS-126Cambridge
Supplemental Service (Closed)SS-127Cambridge
GeneralG-129South Shore / Cape & Vineyard
Medium General Time of UseG-230South Shore / Cape & Vineyard
Large General Time of UseG-331South Shore / Cape & Vineyard
General Power (Closed)G-432South Shore / Cape & Vineyard
Commercial Space Heating (Closed)G-533South Shore / Cape & Vineyard
All Electric School (Closed)G-634South Shore / Cape & Vineyard
Optional General Time of UseG-735South Shore / Cape & Vineyard
Optional Water Heating2336WMA
Optional Church2437WMA
Small General ServiceG-038WMA
Small General Service Time of UseT-039WMA
Primary General ServiceG-240WMA
Primary General Service Terms of UseT-441WMA
Large Primary Service Time of UseT-242WMA
Extra Large Primary Service Time of UseT-543WMA
Street & Security LightingS-144All
Street & Security Lighting - Customer OwnedS-245All
Basic Service-46All
Basic Service Cost Reconciliation BSTF47All
Transmission Service Cost Adjustment-48All
Transition Cost Adjustment-49All
Energy Efficiency ChargeEEC/EERF50All
Renewables Charge-51All
Off-Cycle Meter Read for Switch of Suppliers-52All
Optional Interval Data Service-53All
Power Purchase RateP-254All
Standards for Interconnection of Distributed Generation-55All
Farm Discount Rider-56All
Miscellaneous Charges-57All
Load Response Program-58All
Performance Based Revenue Adjustment-59All
Revenue Decoupling Adjustment MechanismRDAF60All
Pension/PBOP Adjustment MechanismPAF61All
Residential Assistance Adjustment ClauseRAAF62All
Storm Cost Recovery Adjustment FactorSCRAF63EMA
Storm Cost Recovery Adjustment FactorSCRAF64WMA
Storm Reserve Adjustment MechanismSRAF65All
Solar Program Cost AdjustmentSPCA66All
Solar Expansion Cost Recovery MechanismSECRF67All
Net MeteringNMRS68All
Long-Term Renewable Contract AdjustmentLTRCA69All
Attorney General Consultant ExpertiseAGCE70All
Transitory Demand Rider-71All
Vegetation Management-72All
Grid Modernization FactorGMF73All
Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target-74All
Tax Act CreditTACF75All
Electronic Payment RecoveryEPR76All
Advanced Metering Infrastructure