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Distribution Group Studies

What is a Group Study?

Eversource is performing distribution group studies in Massachusetts to efficiently process and analyze distributed generation (DG) applications that allow complimentary group solutions to be shared by DG customers. The group study looks at the collective impact on the system to understand what system modifications would be required to support these DG projects when interconnected. Read all distribution group study FAQs. (PDF)

Customers eligible to be part of group studies will be notified and asked to opt in or out of these studies within a specific time frame in order to keep the study and other participants on schedule for completion.

Distribution Group Studies Process and CIP Schedule

Current Phase: Individual group studies are near completion and the SIS reports will be provided to customers based on the CIP schedule posted.

GroupFinal SIS Date
+/- 25% Cost Estimate
Customer Notification
(10 business days after completion)
CIP Proposal Deadline
(40 business days after completion)
Marion-FairhavenCompleted on 3/29/2022Completed on 3/28/2022Approved 12/31/2022$370/kW
PlymouthCompleted on  4/19/2022Completed on 4/19/2022Submitted 4/29/2022$224/kW
CapeCompleted on 4/25/2022Completed on 4/25/2022Submitted 4/29/2022$357/kW
FreetownCompleted on 4/1/2022Completed on 4/1/2022Submitted 4/29/2022$490/kW
Dartmouth WestportCompleted on 4/8/2022Completed on 4/8/2022Submitted 4/29/2022$387/kW
New BedfordCompleted on 5/11/2022Completed on 5/11/2022Eversource will not be filing a CIP Proposal for the New Bedford Group StudyN/A
Plainfield BlandfordCompleted on 4/4/2022Completed on 4/4/2022Submitted 4/29/2022$498/kW

Download: Overview of group study process (PDF)

Download: Impact Study phases (PDF)

Learn more by reviewing the DPU’s Provisional Program Guide.

Thinking about making a change to your project? Check out the Group Study Project Change Process (PDF) and associated requirements.

Current Eastern Massachusetts Group Study Areas

AreaDate Group OpenedTotal Projects InvitedTotal Opt InsOpt in MW
East Freetown9/12/2023TBDTBDTBD

Current Western Massachusetts Group Study Areas

AreaDate Group OpenedTotal Projects InvitedTotal Opt InsOpt in MW
Agawam-Feeding Hills9/12/2023TBDTBDTBD

TRSG Group Study Updates (PDF):

Account Executive Support

Eastern Massachusetts:
Western Massachusetts:

Group Updates

Select an area to see updates. All files are in PDF format.

Cape Cod




New Bedford



December 2020 Updates For All Groups

Since individual group kickoff meetings were held, Eversource has been diligently working on the seven (7) Group Studies in MA and are targeting to be in compliance with the study timeframes under Section 3.4.1 (d) of Eversource's Standard for Interconnection of Distributed Generation, M.D.P.U .No. 55 (“Tariff”), as approved by the Department of Public Utilities in D.P.U. 17-164-A (Oct. 15, 2020). To keep customers apprised of Eversource's study progress, Eversource wishes to advise all Group members that there are several unexpected modeling-related issues that Eversource has been actively trying to resolve that might affect the timeline.

Recently, Eversource System Planning standardized a new modeling platform called Synergi Electric for conducting Steady-State analysis. Since the commencement of the Group Study, Eversource has made significant progress in creating its base case models, proactively modeling planned and approved distribution system upgrades along with incorporating the new Systems Planning criteria for DER analysis. As Eversource built these base case models, starting with GIS extraction and data validation, Eversource encountered a few inconsistencies that required significant collaboration with other departments to ensure that model errors do not significantly impact our analysis. The inter-department collaboration also helps to ensure that Eversource is capturing relevant system planning criteria and constraints in our base case models, while at the same time facilitating a process that will allow us to be more efficient in developing base case models for future group studies.

Once the models are validated, Eversource's DER engineers will add all existing/online projects and projects with executed ISAs to the model. In parallel, Eversource is also working with our vendors on the development of the base case PSCAD models for Transient analysis. These models would still need further updates when the group Steady-State analysis are completed, but by proactively developing the base models we hope to shorten the time needed to complete the PSCAD models.

Eversource is currently in the starting phase of the Steady-State analysis for most groups. Eversource's intention is to keep all customers regularly informed (at least monthly) on the progress and discuss any significant risks or concerns Eversource encounters during the analysis. Factors that may impact the completion schedule and associated activities include but are not limited to: base case modeling issues; DER stability model issues; solution development for potential adverse system impacts; and/or significant Member Impact changes requiring review.



DPU Group Studies Docket

Access the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) docket of group studies.

Affected System Operator Studies

ISO-New England has determined that transmission studies are needed for many distributed generation projects interconnecting to Eversource's infrastructure. Learn about the studies.