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Electric Supplier Information in Eastern Massachusetts

Important contacts, reference documents and information for electric suppliers doing business in Eastern Massachusetts.

Business Contact
Candace Henrich

Supplier Load Estimation & NEPOOL Billing
Colleen Bennett

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Customer Interval Data Requests

Supplier Testing Instructions

Eversource is now supporting X12 EDI Version 4010 Standards only in Eastern Massachusetts. All new suppliers should be prepared to test with the 4010 Standards prior to contacting the Eversource Electric Business Supplier Representative.

The following test data is available:

With the requirement for Disco’s to test with multiple suppliers, and in the interest of completing the testing procedures as efficiently as possible, Eversource would appreciate your completion of the following tasks before you arrange to test Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processing with us.

  1. Complete your application for state licensing to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU). Final licensing approval is not required to begin the testing process.
  2. Attendance at a Supplier Training session, a state licensing requirement, is recommended prior to testing.
  3. Obtain the EBT Report and EBT Test Plan from the National Grid website. Develop and test processing of your own customer system to handle both the input and output transactions required.
  4. Develop or arrange for EDI translation services for input and output transactions. The EDI implementation guides are also on the National Grid website.
  5. Make arrangements for and test with a VAN mailbox and appropriate communications software with the VAN.
  6. Obtain a Dun and Bradstreet number for your company. This will be your "Supplier ID."
  7. Determine Rate Codes and Pricing Structure Codes for Complete Billing options, as well as the actual pricing for each.
  8. Check the Supplier section on the NSTAR Electric website for specific information to help you prepare for our test.
  9. Review the Differences from Massachusetts State Testing Plan on the Eversource website. This will assist you in determining if your system will require changes before you can successfully process our data.

How to make testing arrangements with Eversource

Call the Eversource Electric Business Contact person to begin working on Service Agreements.

  • Be prepared to supply the Eversource Business Contact with: your company name, address, and phone number; your business and technical contact names and phone numbers; your VAN name and mailbox ID information; and your company Dun and Bradstreet number.
  • When all of the above items are available, you may indicate to the Eversource Business Contact that you are giving the two weeks notification required for EBT Testing.
  • The Eversource Business Contact will notify technical personnel that you are ready to test. An Information Technology contact will call you to arrange a testing schedule, and to provide you with the VAN mailbox ID to be used for testing purposes.
  • We will make every effort to begin and complete the testing procedure as soon as possible. Scheduling of the testing will be on a first come-first serve basis.
  • If you have any technical questions, contact account executive Candace Henrich by phone at 781-441-8130 or email

Differences from Massachusetts State Testing Plan

Eversource has attempted to stay as close as possible to the EBT Test Plan developed for Disco/Supplier testing in Massachusetts. However like any company, our Customer Information System has certain differences and/or constraints that will make some minor changes to the original plan necessary. The changes are outlined below.

  • Disco Account Numbers, Meter Numbers and an outline of Customer Test Data to be used in pre-enrollment testing with Eversource is available on the company website.
  • The four position name field is a requirement for residential account identification in our system. The four position name field is not a requirement for commercial or industrial accounts.
  • We will not return an "Address Line 2."
  • The street address sent to you will be the same used to print our bills, which has been processed to appear on a single line.
  • At this time there will be no foreign country information on mailing addresses. Since there are so few of them, we process the mailing of these bills manually. If you receive an address with the state missing, please call for further information.
  • We will require the "Sales Tax Indicator" to be present (Y or N) when you are enrolling a customer for Complete Billing, or changing a customer to Complete Billing. This indicator will be used as received for supplier bill calculation, even if it does not match our records. Suppliers will be responsible for maintaining tax/tax exemption status for their customers.
  • The "Disco Rate Number" is an optional field on the returned administrative records. At this time we do not plan to return our rate numbers, since our system carries them internally with very different codes. Should you require this information, the decoded rate name is printed on the Disco customer bill, and filed rate tariff information is available on the Eversource website.
  • Test plan Disco accounts D0000000000003 and D000000000003A will not include a standard electric service and an unmetered service, since we do not mix metered and unmetered services on the same account. Instead, these accounts will include a standard electric service (Service Type Indicator = "E") and a controlled hot water service (Service Type Indicator = "H").
  • Test plan Disco account D0000000000017 will not include two (2) Time of Use meters (Service Type Indicator = "T"). Our system bills only one TOU meter per account (although in some cases use from more than one meter is combined for billing), and does not mix TOU meters with any other service type. Therefore, Test plan meter M000000032 will not be used on our test.
  • Test plan Disco account D0000000000019 is an unmetered lights account (Service Type Indicator = "L"). The service ID for unmetered services (both "L" and "N") appear decoded on the Disco customer bill. Look elsewhere on this website for the four position unmetered device ID's that would be required for enrollments, etc. The appropriate "Service Type Indicator" for each device ID is listed there also, along with instructions for using the information provided.
  • Test Case A-003 uses an intentionally bad Disco account number to produce a sample of an error response record. Replace D999999999999 with 99999999999 in the enrollment record sent.
  • Peak/Total kW , Peak kVa, and Billing Demand fields on the billing and usage records sent to you will drop the decimal indicated on the test plan. We do not carry decimals on this data.
  • Either Peak/Total kW or Peak kVa demand will be sent on the billing and usage records, but never both. Our billing system bills and stores only the appropriate value for the rate being billed.
  • On Time of Use meters, we never bill or store off-peak or shoulder kW or kVa demand.