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Massachusetts Rights and Permits FAQs

Will my electrical service installation have to be approved at a hearing?

Due to Massachusetts state regulations, installations in the “public way” (including the sidewalk) require a city or public hearing where we are required to obtain a Grant of Location from the city or town.

My installation needs to go to a public hearing, how long will that take?

The timing depends upon when the selectmen or alderman in your town or city meet. Massachusetts state regulations require a seven-day notice to abutters of the installation, which can also affect timing.

Can I install my own conduit?

In the majority of cities and towns we serve, customers are allowed to install their own conduit, with the exception of Boston, where we must install the conduit.

Why does my bank also need to sign onto an Easement?

Your bank must also sign onto an Easement because all property interest holders must agree to the granting of easements.

The service to my new house is going to cross over my neighbor’s property. Do you need an Easement from my neighbor?

Yes. The Easement is an important protection for you and for us. Without an Easement your neighbor could tell us to remove your service at any time.

I have a pole on my property providing service to others. I would like to have it removed. What is the process?

If you feel that this pole should not be on your property, the first step is to place a request with us in writing including your address and the pole number if possible. We will then determine if the pole should be removed.

Will you be able to obtain a street opening permit if there is a winter moratorium on excavating in my town?

Most communities impose a winter moratorium from mid-November to April 1. We can approach the Public Works Department in your area and request a street opening permit. We may also request a letter from you stating why you cannot wait until the moratorium is over. With a good weather forecast at the time of the request, it is possible the permit could be issued.

I have a request in for electric service that requires excavation, but my town is getting ready to pave the street. What should I do?

Contact your Public Works Department immediately and let them know that you have requested that we begin excavation work. You should then call your Sales Representative to let us know about the proposed paving.

Is it OK to put signs or posters on the utility pole in front of my house?

Any attachments to poles must be reviewed and approved in writing by the pole owners before being hung.

I just received a request for rights to put your facilities on my property to serve my building. Do I need to sign these papers in order to receive my service?

In order to provide service to your building, we must obtain signed permissions/rights from the property owner prior to the installation of equipment on private property.