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Electric Service Steps: Overhead

The following are important steps for new, upgraded or relocated overhead electrical service for a single residential customer at less than 400 amps and spanning a distance less than 120 feet.

1. Get Your Work Request Number

To obtain a Work Request Number from ACME, complete the online Work Order Application. A Customer Service Representative will notify you with your work request number and quote any applicable fees.

You can also call our Tech Center for business customers at 800-340-9822. Please be ready to provide:

  • Customer name (Customer of Record for billing purposes)
  • Service address
  • Electrician name, address, telephone number and license number
  • Service characteristics
  • Date service is needed

Please keep a record of your work request number for the municipal wiring inspector or in the event you need to speak with us concerning the status of your service request.

2. Do Your Work

Now you can get started on your work. Please note that a proper service point of attachment must be installed prior to ACME scheduling work.

Also, make sure to obtain a municipal wiring inspection for your electrical work. Make sure the inspector has called the approval into ACME. All electrical installations must conform to our standards as outlined in the Information and Service Requirements booklet.

3. Energize Service

Our commitment to customers is to energize service within five business days of receiving approval from the municipal wiring inspector on a mutually agreed upon date, provided that rights, permits and customer cost obligations are completed.