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Installing a New Gas Meter: Commercial

Before calling 855-645-2427 to schedule the date for a gas meter installation, please make sure the following have been completed:

  • The requested deposit amount (based on the proposed connected gas load) and a copy of your Massachusetts Articles of Incorporation, Trust, or LLC (if applicable) have been provided to your sales representative.
  • A concrete pad has been installed to specifications, if sales representative indicated it is required. Your Eversource representative will provide you with the guidelines for the pad.
  • Interior gas piping is complete and connected to the meter fit (a bracket that holds your gas meter). If a meter fit is not present after the outside gas service line has been installed, please contact your sales representative. A meter fit will need to be installed by Eversource so that your gas fitter/plumber can make the final connection prior to meter installation.
  • Gas equipment is connected to interior piping and properly vented. Boilers and/or hot water heaters have water in them and are ready to be turned on.
  • Electrical wiring is complete and all thermostats are operational.
  • City/Town gas inspector has inspected your interior gas piping installation and the inspection certificate is available/visible at the site.
  • Eversource service technician has access to the inside of the structure and to the gas equipment.
  • Please note that at least one piece of gas equipment must be ready to operate prior to scheduling a meter installation appointment. If the service technician determines that the meter cannot be set due to the requirements not being met, subsequent calls will be subject to our normal service rates.