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Commercial Gas Installation

The following are the required steps to have a new natural gas service installed by Eversource for a commercial customer.

1. Gas Load

The owner should submit in writing the connected gas load and the pressure required at the meter outlet (measured in inches of water column) to an Eversource sales representative. Please call 855-645-2427 for contact information.

2. Gas Service Line

The owner should provide the sales representative with a scaled utility site plan identifying the footprint of the building and the location for all other utilities. The sales representative will identify the route for the gas service line. The owner should identify any underground barriers on their property (i.e. septic system, sprinkler system, underground electric lines, oil tanks, well, invisible fence etc.) and will be required to provide any necessary permits or recorded easements.

3. Meter Location

A sales representative will indicate agreed upon location on the Application for Gas Service, site plan, and the foundation of the building if it has been erected. If a change is required, the owner is responsible for notifying us prior to the installation.

4. Evaluation Process

Engineering approval may be necessary based on load requirements. The owner will provide a check for any necessary contribution or deposit for the gas service and will sign the Eversource Application for Gas Service. If a change is required, the owner is responsible for notifying us prior to the installation.

5. Pre-Mark

Eversource will identify the boundaries of excavation with white spray paint.

6. Dig Safe

Eversource will notify Dig Safe to identify, locate and mark underground utilities.

7. Road Opening Permit

Eversource will apply for city/town/state permit(s) (if applicable).

8. Schedule Gas Service Line Installation

Prior to installing the gas service to:

  • Existing Structure - a representative of the Eversource Gas Distribution Department will contact the owner in advance with a tentative construction date.
  • New Construction - the contractor must contact Eversource when all criteria have been met (all other utilities installed and within 6” of final grade).

9. Gas Service Line Installation

An Eversource or subcontractor crew will install service line from street to foundation. Open trench installations by your own excavator must be arranged through our distribution department. Your sales representative can provide you with the necessary contact person and requirements.

10. Gas Meter Installation

After the service has been installed and you have met all the requirements, call your sales representative to schedule the date for a gas meter. Here's a checklist of steps you should follow before calling us.

11. Restoration

The owner is responsible for the restoration of private property. We will restore the public property based on the town/city guidelines.