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Electric Service Steps: Commercial and Industrial

The following are important steps for new or upgraded commercial or industrial electrical service.

1. Provide Service Information

  • Create work request.
  • Establish customer of record with Eversource for billing purposes (new customers only). All commercial/industrial customers who are new to Eversource's service territory are required to pay a security deposit in advance of having the electric service energized. Contact your Customer Service Representative for details.
  • Pay design deposit fee.
  • Provide an approved plot plan showing the desired electric service location.
  • Provide a one-line diagram indicating service voltage; size of main switch or sub-mains if more than one; number, size and type of conductors; number, size and material of conduits, number of meters, location and whether they are self-contained or CT rated.

2. Design

  • Arrange for the contractor/owner site meeting with the Eversource designer.
  • Obtain design layout from your Customer Service Representative detailing your construction responsibilities and any applicable charges.
  • Review and execute applicable Line Extension Agreement, which details the split of responsibility between us and the Developer.
  • You may be required to provide private property rights (i.e., easement) or we may be required to obtain public way rights from the city or town you are working in.
  • Pay all required charges. Work will not be scheduled until payment is received in full.

3. Construction Requirements

For underground service, the developer is responsible to supply and install all non-electrical equipment (for example conduit, hand holes, or transformer pads) according to our specifications. All non-electrical work is subject to our inspection. Call us a few days in advance for trench and transformer pad inspections before back filling and concrete pouring.

Obtain a municipal wiring inspection for your electrical work. Make sure the inspector has called the approval into Eversource. All electrical installations must conform to our standards as outlined in our Information & Service Requirements handbook.

4. Energize Service

When all of the above requirements have been met, we will schedule to have your service energized. Please note that scheduling and completing our work depends on factors such as weather, workload, equipment availability and the complexity of the job.