Heat Pump Information and Rebates

Heat pumps can efficiently heat in the winter and double as a cooling system in the summer—while lowering greenhouse gas emissions. This clean technology is environmentally friendly and can last longer than other heating and cooling systems.

Heat Pump Benefits and Considerations

  • Efficient heating and cooling: Heat pumps can be up to 400% efficient - much more than heating with oil, propane or electric resistance baseboards. This can lead to savings. 
  • Heat and cool with one system. Heat pumps provide both efficient heating and cooling, which means you can use the same system to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. 
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions: Heat pumps emit less greenhouse gases, which is better for the environment.
  • Lots of options. Heat pumps can be installed with or without ductwork and can heat and cool either an individual room or your whole home.
  • Electric usage: A heat pump is an electrical system, so running one will add to your electrical use. In many cases, that additional electrical use is offset by savings elsewhere, such as a propane or oil heating fuel bill. Of course, if you’re adding a heat pump where there was no cooling source before, it will increase your electric use.

Resources and Information

Dig deeper into common questions, heat pump use tips, installation advice and more.