Every spring our Vegetation Management team looks forward to Arbor Day and the opportunity to share their love of trees with the communities we serve. This year our dedicated team of tree enthusiasts distributed over 2,000 tree seedlings through community events across our service territory to honor the important role trees play in the New England landscape. Additionally, we planted more than 6,500 trees along power lines to replace trees that needed to be removed to safely deliver reliable power. While much of the year is focused on protecting the electric system by trimming hazardous trees, April 30th is a day dedicated to sharing all of the benefits trees provide to our environment, and helping others plan before they plant. 

After Planting 4“Arbor Day is a great time of year to connect with property owners and community leaders in cities and towns across Connecticut,” said Eversource Director of Vegetation Management Bill Van Dam. “Our teams do extensive work throughout the year to mitigate the hazards trees can pose to the electric system, but Arbor Day is all about growth and helping people find the ideal tree and place to plant.”

Members of our Vegetation Management Team are joining together with the communities we serve to help celebrate Arbor Day this year. All events were held outdoors while following COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

Here are just a few of the more than twenty events we’re participating in this year:

  • Thousands of the state’s oldest and most impressive trees received a ‘health checkup’ through our partnership with the Connecticut Notable Tree Committee and Tree Wardens Association.
  • We assisted the West Hartford Tree Project with distributing over 1,200 seedlings and offered local residents’ suggestions on the best locations to plant trees like Dogwoods and Viburnum. We’re glad that this event will continue again next year! 
  • Second graders at East Haddam Elementary School received 300 tree seedlings to take home and plant as part of their studies on plants. 

Planting 2Education is a key component of our Arbor Day activities. Our Arborists are experts on tree care and maintenance, pruning, and finding the best place to plant.  If you’re thinking about planting a tree in your yard, please keep these tips in mind to help you plan before you plant. Feeling eager to celebrate Arbor Day but not quite ready to plant a tree? Visit the Arbor Day Foundation to find other ways to get involved. 

Remember that before doing any digging in your yard, state law requires that you call 811 at least two full days prior. Call Before You Dig is a free service that can protect you from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines.