Work Order Application

If you are planning a construction or renovation project that will require a service upgrade or relocation, or are in need of temporary service, please complete a Work Order Application in order for work to begin.

To initiate a request, completely fill out an online Work Order Application.

You also have the option of downloading the application in Microsoft Word format, completing the application and emailing it to or fax it to 781-441-8721.

Please note that the most important areas of the Work Order Application to be completed are:

  • Customer contact names, as well as a Federal Tax Number for commercial customers or a Social Security Number for residential customers.
  • Customer load information (Connected load in kVa).
  • A brief description of the work being performed.
  • The number of meters required, as well as a completed M-13 form (Please note when applying electronically the M-13 form is included in the electronic application under the section titled "Identification of Meter Sockets").
  • Generator and motor information including Locked Rotor Amps.
  • Two copies of the city/town approved site plan, full size and to scale, indicating the location of new utilities. For new subdivisions, please provide the entire subdivision layout on a disc or CD.
  • Any associated work involving Verizon poles will require the customer to contact Verizon to coordinate.

Once a completed Work Order Application and deposit are received, a customer service representative will contact you within five business days with your Work Order Number.

Private Property Rights

The customer may be required to provide private property rights (i.e. easement or license) or we may be required to obtain public way rights from the city or town your project is located in. This can certainly impact a project, and should be addressed early on in the process, as some cities and towns meet only once a month to review and approve rights.


The customer is responsible for excavating, installing conduit and backfilling (if electric service is underground), as well as any tree trimming or clearing that may be necessary on private property. Remember to contact us for an inspection prior to any backfilling.

Customer Costs and Approvals

In order for construction to be scheduled, all customer costs need to be paid and all required property approvals must be received. Before the new line can be energized, the customer also needs to obtain the approval of the town wiring inspector and provide us with such approval.

Schedule Estimates

The following are estimated schedules to be used as a guideline for your project:

  • Please allow four weeks for small or simple temporary service projects.
  • Please allow 10 to 20 weeks for medium sized or complex temporary service projects.
  • Please allow 16 to 30 weeks for large projects including residential and commercial developments.
  • Please allow 52 weeks or more for customer stations, TNV's or SNV's.

Please note, a week constitutes five business days and excludes holidays and weekends.